University of Missouri

56-01: An Act to Define the Role of Senators

Date: Aug. 31, 2016
Proposed by: Mark McDaniel, Josh Tennison
Status: Tabled

PURPOSE: To define the requirements necessary for participation as a Senator within the Missouri Students Association and better connect the association to the Student Body.


WHEREAS, the bylaws of the Missouri Students Association vests duties of the legislative branch under the Senate; AND


WHEREAS, the bylaws of the Missouri Students Association does not define the duties of individual senators; AND


WHEREAS, similar student governments within the Southeastern Conference, including those at Louisiana State University and the University of Florida define the roles and duties for membership; AND


WHEREAS, these duties help to maintain students in student government, while connecting them to their school through various attendance and liaison programs; AND


WHEREAS, these requirements also create accountability for individual senators, and create external exposure for the student government; AND


WHEREAS, the Senate of the Missouri Students Association was established to voice the concerns of students through representation of the academic colleges and overall student body; AND


WHEREAS, with no requirements or duties in place, the Missouri Students Association Senate fails to fully accomplish its goals and expectations set by the student body.


THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION THAT Chapter II of the Bylaws of the Missouri Students Association be amended as such: