University of Missouri

55-21: An Act to Alter Chapter III of the Bylaws of the Missouri Students Association

PURPOSE: To alter the bylaws in order to make the court more effective and more involved in the MSA process.

WHEREAS, the court rarely physically meets, AND

WHEREAS, the court is not aware of senate proceedings and rules, AND

WHEREAS,  part of the court was not confirmed by full senate, AND

WHEREAS, the senate currently cannot ask for a judicial review,


THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that the following changes be made to Chapter III of the MSA Senate Bylaws.

3.40 COURT SESSIONS AND MEETINGS – The Court shall hold regular meetings throughout the academic year.

(A) REGULAR MEETINGS – Regular meetings shall take place during the academic year at least one time per month in person.

(B) SPECIAL MEETINGS – Special meetings of the Court may be called by the Chief Justice or by petition from four of the Court Justices.


3.50 COURT POWERS – The following powers shall be assigned to the Court.


(A) WRITS OF ELECTIONS – The Court shall hear appeals from the decisions by the Board of Election Commissioners (Chapter V) and have authority to judge all cases of alleged violation of the constitution, bylaws, or Board of Elections Commissioners Handbook.
(B) WRITS OF INJUNCTION – The Court shall have the power to issue writs of injunction to prevent the violation of the constitution, bylaws, or rules of the Senate.
(C) WRITS OF MANDAMUS – The Court shall have the power to issue writs of Mandamus to force compliance of the constitution, bylaws, or rules of the Senate.

(D) WRIT OF VENIRE FACIAS- The court shall be compelled to review and/or decide a case brought to them with the signatures of 25% of a quorum of the Senate.


3.90 ADDITIONAL COURT DUTIES- The Court shall be required to attend and present in front of full senate.

(A) ATTENDANCE AT FULL SENATE- Two members of the court must be in attendance of every

regularly scheduled full senate.

(B)PRESENTATION TO SENATE- The court  shall present to full senate before the end of every semester of the regular school year is to be required to give a brief overview of the court’s recent activities.

(C)RULES FOR ELECTIONS-  During election days the court must respond within 4 hours of any request made  by the BEC or Slates and at polling times be available to begin proceedings by 5 pm the same day,  of a request. This rule excludes the times between 10 pm and 8 am.

Respectfully Submitted,                                                                                                                   

Saad Malik

Senate Activities Director

Joseph Sell