University of Missouri

55-18: An Act to Postpone the Presidential Elections Results for 24 Hours

PURPOSE: To delay the results of the MSA Presidential Election for 24 hours.

WHEREAS: There is a great deal of confusion revolving around the current status of the MSA Presidential Elections. ; AND

WHEREAS: Until such a time when clarity can be reached, it is prudent to delay the announcement of MSA Presidential Election results. ; AND

WHEREAS: Should an announcement be made which is later contradicted by the BEC or the Student Court such an event would be detrimental to all entities involved. ; AND


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that The announcement of the MSA Presidential Elections shall be delayed for 24 hours.



Respectfully Submitted,

Timothy Davis

Alex Higginbotham

Bill Report



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The MSA Senate feels that with all of the confusion surrounding the election it would benefit MSA to delay the results of the election for 24 hours