University of Missouri

55-10: An Act to Allocate Funding in the Amount of $1,240 to Attend the IBS Conference in Chicago


Please provide the committee with a Summary and Purpose of this trip (min. 3 sentences) * KCOU would like to send a bus of students to the Intercollegiate Broadcasting Systems conference at Columbia College in Chicago, IL on October 17, 2015. When KCOU was able to attend IBS in New York, the information obtained was invaluable to our student leaders and the organization. As the conference is significantly closer physically, we would like to be able to send a larger group of students to this full-day conference.
Please explain how the students, campus, and/or the Missouri Students Association will be positively impacted by the information shared on this excursion if funded (min. 3 sentences): * Students at KCOU and MSA will be able to learn and share information with other college radio stations and professionals in the industry. At IBS conferences, a great amount of collaboration occurs, and students attending would be able to get a better understanding of college radio, the radio industry, and best practices for working with the University of Missouri and Columbia community. Ideally, attending the conference means that the students will be more knowledgeable and more capable, providing better services as the Mizzou student radio station.
Department/Group Requesting Travel: * KCOU
Email *
How many people are being sent on this trip?* 15+
Where is your group traveling to? * Columbia College, Chicago, IL
How much money are you requesting? * $2540 – Bus rental costs + group registration fees ($540)
If partially funded, where can you gain access to additional, outside funding? * We have contacted IBS for a group rate, and if needed, would be asking staff members to pay a portion of the travel costs for attending. We will also be reaching out to alumni and our underwriters for donations, but it’s unclear if we will have much support at this time.
Please check the category of expenditures *
  • Mileage/Airfare
  • Registration
Fees * $0.00
Hotel (Lodging) * $0.00
Mileage/Airfare * $2,000.00
Registration * $540.00
Per Diem Amount $0.00
Other* $0.00
Please provide a comparison containing at least two pricing options for each of the applicable fields checked above (e.g. fees, hotel, airfare, etc.) * IBS fees are set at $45/person, but after 12 people ($540), we will cap out our registration costs at $540, as per IBS.
Bus travel will be on White Knight, Arrow Stage, Vandalia Bus Lines, or Huskey Bus Services. Quotes are not yet available at this time but we will get them to you as soon as possible.
I recognize that non-compliance with the terms listed above may result in forfeiture of any approved funding, as well as potential future funding. (Please sign with your full name; First, MI, Last) * Mark A Johnson
At least one member of the requesting organization must meet with the budget committee concerning the request prior to approval; additionally, at least one member of the group participating in the excursion must present their experience at a Full Senate session upon their return. *
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