University of Missouri

55-08: An Act to Allocate Funding in the Amount of $1,795 to DSA to Attend NACA


Please provide the committe with a Summary and Purpose of this trip (min. 3 sentances) * The Department of Student Activities would like funds in order to attend the NACA (National Association for Campus Activities) National Convention early next semester (2016).

The annual conference provides various universities from all different regions access to education allowing students to become better campus programmers. In addition, this conference has showcases which both provide students with access to block booking, thus saving money, and event ideas.

Please explain how the students, campus, and/or the Missouri Students Association will be positively impacted by the information shared on this excursion if funded (min. 3 sentances): * DSA directly impacts the campus climate as well as the student body with the events that we put on. Though some may ignite controversy, DSA brings programs of all points of view and opinion to campus, we try to provide eye-opening, entertaining, and most importantly educational events at all costs. NACA helps us to provide these events by giving us face-to-face contact with agents, directors, and speakers. We get way more for the money we spend when we work within our network that gets stronger every year at the conference.
Department/Group Requesting Travel: * Department of Student Activities
Email *
How many people are being sent on this trip? * 5
Where is your group traveling to? * Louisville, KY
How much money are you requesting? * $5,175
If partially funded, where can you gain access to additional, outside funding? * I am only asking for the registration, hotel, and per diem to be covered by this request. The travel expenses and other fees associated with the trip will come out of the attendees committee budget. I want to be mindful that we are not the only group traveling.
Please check the category of expenditures *
  • Hotel/Lodging
  • Registration
  • Per Diem
Fees * $0.00
Hotel (Lodging) * $2,805.00
Mileage/Airfare * $0.00
Registration * $1,795.00
Per Diem Amount $575.00
Please provide a comparison containing at least two pricing options for each of the applicable fields checked above (e.g. fees, hotel, airfare, etc.) * The registration and per diem is a set number for the 5 people that I am requesting. The other hotel option based on suggestions from the conference website would cause us to travel to travel to and from the conference (increasing cost)
I recognize that non-compliance with the terms listed above may result in forfeiture of any approved funding, as well as potential future funding. (Please sign with your full name; First, MI, Last) * Maiya J Putman
At least one member of the requesting organization must meet with the budget committee concerning the request prior to approval; additionally, at least one member of the group participating in the excursion must present their experience at a Full Senate session upon their return. *
  • Agree


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