University of Missouri

55-07: An Act to Allocate Funding in the Amount of $2,650 to STRIPES to Attend the SRPU


Please provide the committe with a Summary and Purpose of this trip (min. 3 sentances) * STRIPES is planning on attending the 2016 Safe Ride Programs United (SRPU) conference to gain a better grasp and educate other safe ride programs from around the country. We are intending on going to the conference once again to learn more of what we can do to improve our own operations.
Please explain how the students, campus, and/or the Missouri Students Association will be positively impacted by the information shared on this excursion if funded (min. 3 sentances): * By attending the SRPU conference, we will be able to bring back new ideas to improve upon our own operations. The STRIPES members attending the conference will gain an advanced knowledge on other safe ride programs across the country and be able to share what they learned with the entire organization.
Department/Group Requesting Travel: * STRIPES
Email *
How many people are being sent on this trip? * 6
Where is your group traveling to? * University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona
How much money are you requesting? * $3,000
If partially funded, where can you gain access to additional, outside funding? * We can try to find additional funding in our organization’s budget, but we would primarily like to be funded wholly by this request.
Please check the category of expenditures *
  • Mileage/Airfare
  • Registration
  • Other (Please specify)
Fees * $0.00
Hotel (Lodging) * $0.00
Mileage/Airfare * $2,000.00
Registration * $900.00
Other* $100.00
*Please Specify Airport parking fees for the weekend.
Please provide a comparison containing at least two pricing options for each of the applicable fields checked above (e.g. fees, hotel, airfare, etc.) * Airfare: We will be able to fly out of either St. Louis or Kansas City depending on where we can get the cheapest airfare.
Registration: The 2015 SRPU conference registration fee per person was $150 per person, so assuming that the price will remain the same then for 6 people we will need $900 again. This price also covers the lodging costs for us all as well.
Other: There really is no other way to get around paying for parking fees and last year it ended up being around $50-$100 for us for the weekend trip.
I recognize that non-compliance with the terms listed above may result in forfeiture of any approved funding, as well as potential future funding. (Please sign with your full name; First, MI, Last) * Cody J Swanson
At least one member of the requesting organization must meet with the budget committee concerning the request prior to approval; additionally, at least one member of the group participating in the excursion must present their experience at a Full Senate session upon their return. *
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