University of Missouri

55-06: A Resolution to Address Racism on MU’S Campus, and in Specific the Act of Racism That Occurred Against LBC on October 5TH 2015

PURPOSE: To support the Legion of Black Collegians in addressing and calling out the unacceptable behavior of members of the MU community.

WHEREAS, the incident that was incurred by members of LBC are atrocious and ought to shock the conscience of any member of the MU community; AND

WHEREAS, students are bound to treat each other with respect, as outlined in the core values that uphold this University; AND


WHEREAS, students who fail to treat each other with the due respect necessary for an inclusive and educated environment necessary are to be held responsible for their actions; AND


WHEREAS, students of our University need and ought to seek understanding of people who are not like their own for everyone to breach cultural competency, MUTUAL RESPECT, and the celebration of humanity itself, AND


WHEREAS, excellence cannot be promoted through bright minds if those very minds should feel threatened and endangered while attending this University; AND


WHEREAS, the tradition of having LBC Homecoming royalty is one of the many facets of diversity and inclusivity that make our campus unique and more welcoming to students; AND


WHEREAS, LBC Homecoming reflects the need for self-preservation for non-majority students on the University’s campus; AND

WHEREAS, the M-Book, which holds our standards of conduct that all students must abide and follow, defines its’ policy on harassment as “Harassment in violation of the University’s anti-discrimination policies, is unwelcome verbal or physical conduct, on the basis of actual or perceived membership in a protected class as defined in the University’s anti-discrimination policies, that creates a hostile environment by being sufficiently severe or pervasive and objectively offensive that it interferes with, limits or denies the ability of an individual to participate in or benefit from educational programs or activities or employment access, benefits or opportunities”; AND

WHEREAS, the incident caused a disruption of a campus activity, which is punishable by M-Book clause, “disruptive conduct. Conduct that creates a substantial disruption of University operations including obstruction of teaching, research, administration, other University activities, and/or other authorized non-University activities that occur on campus”; AND


WHEREAS, continuing to let harassment such as this happen on our campus will disrupt the lives of all students who demand equity and respect; AND


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that MSA stands united with LBC in routing out intolerable attitudes and behavior on our campus in the spirit of promoting equity and equality

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that MSA Senate stands by the public statement made by MSA President Payton Head

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that MU administrators refer themselves to previous and current student work on demanding racial equality on our campus.


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Respectfully Submitted,


Greer Wetherington Kevin A. Carr

Social Justice Committee Chair MSA Senate Speaker


Bill Report




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Who are the administrators or Staff Involved:

The Chancellor and all staff underneath him.
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To address racism on MU’s campus, especially in the incident that was incurred on October 5th, 2015 by LBC.