University of Missouri

54-33: A Resolution to Establish the Need for Chair Pay in MSA Senate


Missouri Students Association Senate University of Missouri


PURPOSE: To advocate the need for MSA Senate Chairs to be paid. Their time spent is valuable and much of what they do here requires them to complete office hours, answer emails, and meet with Senators.


WHEREAS: The operation of the committees depend on the Chairs working several extra hours each week, in and out of office hours ; AND

WHEREAS: The pay proposed in the current Senate Budget is less than minimum wage if you calculate for 3 office hours per week, which is a conservative estimate for how much work they put in per week ; AND

WHEREAS: Committee Chairs have been paid previously in the past and their pay was cut due to reductions across the budget ; AND

WHEREAS: There are persons who actively decide to not apply to be a Committee Chair because they feel as though this is a job, and due to financial reasons cannot afford to spend time doing activities that they are not reimbursed for ; AND

WHEREAS: If MSA Senate wishes to attract and keep good leadership in the second-tier of power, it would be in our best interest for Chairs to be paid ;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that We endorse and support the payment of Committee Chairs to be paid in the 2015-2016 MSA Budget.


THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that The amount Committee Chairs are paid will be fixed and established in the Senate review of the budget


Respectfully Submitted,

Kevin Carr,

William Vega