University of Missouri

54-32: A Resolution Concerning the Residence Halls Association Elections


Missouri Students Association Senate

University of Missouri


PURPOSE:  To bring attention to the Residence Halls Association Presidential Election and Debate.

WHEREAS:  According to Chapter VI, 6.90 of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws, the Missouri Students Association and  Residence Halls Association are bound by articles of cooperation; AND

WHEREAS:  RHA co-sponsored the 2015 Annual MSA Presidential Debate in The Shack by splitting the total cost of pizza for the event and also by placing RHA President Steven Chaffin on the moderators panel that facilitated debate amongst the three slates; AND

WHEREAS:  The RHA debate will be held in Leadership Conference Room in the lower level of Pershing Residence Hall on March 2nd, 2015 at 6:30PM; AND

WHEREAS: This resolution serves primarily to fuel conversation about and bring attention to the upcoming RHA President Elections the week of March 2nd  in order to return the favor RHA did for the 2015 MSA Presidential Debate; AND

WHERAS: This resolution seeks to highlight and continue the vibrant relationship MSA shared with RHA this past academic year; AND

WHERAS: RHA leadership has gone above and beyond the articles of cooperation to establish trust and respect between our organizations; AND

WHEREAS: Despite that many of our constituents do not live in Residence Halls, It is imperative that we as a collective body make a deliberate effort and effectively represent the interests of the freshman class and all those members of MSA who reside in Residence Hall by bringing attention to the RHA Presidential Election and Debate; AND

WHEREAS: According to Fall 2014 undergraduate enrollment numbers, the University of Missouri has 7,864 on-campus Freshman students and 27,654 total on-campus undergraduate students;

WHEREAS:  Approximately 85% of Freshman students and 25% of all undergraduate students live in housing provided by the University of Missouri, representing approximately 6,684 Freshman and approximately 6,914 students total, respectively; AND

WHEREAS:  The current RHA President serves as an executive liaison between RHA and MSA Legislative and Executive Branch, which has not occurred consistently in recent history; AND

WHEREAS:  Under President Chaffin’s leadership and direction, communication between our two organizations has been better than ever; AND

WHEREAS: The current RHA President has attended or made a significant effort to attend nearly every MSA Senate meeting since assuming office; AND

WHEREAS: Likewise, the MSA Senate Speaker Ben Bolin has attended or made a significant effort to attend nearly every RHA Congress since assuming office; AND

WHEREAS: The mutual respect between both our organizations is undeniable as long as President Chaffin remains in office; AND

WHEREAS: President Chaffin Bound by the Oath of Office, the current RHA President retains and will continue to retain the best interest of all those members of MSA who reside in Residence Halls due to aided by his exceptional experience, well established personal connections, whether those well-established personal connections exist between members of our two organizations or with administrators or with prominent faculty or staff, and his continued and dedicated leadership.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BE THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that we strive to promote the RHA Presidential Election and advocate for the best interest of RHA constituents.

Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas R. Schwartz

Tori Schafer