University of Missouri

54-18: A Resolution Applauding the Record Voter Turnout in the November 2014 Missouri Students Association Presidential Election

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 54-18


PURPOSE:  To applaud the record voter turnout in the most recent MSA Presidential election, the Board of Election Commissioners for drafting a BEC handbook conducive to maximizing voter turnout, and the Association for promoting and executing an extremely effective advertising campaign.

WHEREAS, The total votes cast in the November 2014 MSA Presidential election were 7,075, exceeding the previous turnout in 2013 of 5,387; AND

WHEREAS, 7,075 votes is the highest all-time voting record since 2002 according to the current Board of Election Commissioners Chairman Derek Chung, which represents an Undergraduate participation rate of approximately 27% based on the Fall 2013 enrollment numbers of 26,965 published by the University of Missouri through the Office of the Registrar MUFacts website; AND

WHEREAS, Integral to this record turnout was BEC Chair Derek Chung, who, in drafting a fair and balanced BEC Handbook conducive to maximizing election awareness and participation, pushed for the BEC Handbook’s passage during the last two meetings of the Missouri Students Association Senate 53rd Session in the Spring 2014 semester, ultimately leading to its passage and subsequent availability for all prospective Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates to review it well in advance of the heat of election season; AND

WHEREAS, This was the first time a BEC Handbook was passed in the Spring semester prior to an MSA Presidential election in recent history; AND

WHEREAS, No valid infractions of any kind, either major or minor, were officially filed during the 2014 MSA Presidential election season; AND

WHEREAS, The Association and its members executed an exhaustive advertising campaign, the fulfillment of which was carried out by, among innumerable others, the Director of the Department of Student Communication Haden Gomez, members of Senate, nearly every major student government organization on campus and a host of diverse, unique interest groups, as well as each slate by virtue of campaigning.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that we applaud the record voter turnout and everyone who made this record possible, especially BEC Chair Derek Chung.


Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas R. Schwartz

Operations Committee Chair

Benjamin J. Bolin

Senate Speaker