University of Missouri

54-17: An Act Amending the Articles of Cooperation Between the Graduate Professional Council and the Missouri Students Association

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 54-17


PURPOSE: To amend Chapter VI, Section 6.31 of the Missouri Students Association Bylaws to update the MSA/GPC Articles of Cooperation in order to reflect recently agreed upon amendments between both organizations.

WHEREAS, Chapter VI, Section 6.31(G) states:  “The Articles of Cooperation shall be reviewed by MSA and GPC annually.  The results of the review shall be reported to the Advisors of MSA and GPC and to the MSA Senate and the GPC General Assembly”; AND

WHEREAS, Chapter VI, Section 6.05 states: “(A) CREATION: Any member of MSA shall have the authority, with consent of Senate, to commit the Association to various agreements and formal relationships with other organizations via legislation.  Agreements and relationships must contain the same language for both organizations. (B) AMENDMENTS:  In order for changes to be made to a specific agreement or relationship, both organizations must approve said edits via their legislative bodies (or equivalent).  Either organization may propose said changes”; AND

WHEREAS, Many practices outlined in the Articles are out of date or no longer occur as they are prescribed; AND

WHEREAS, A review between the MSA Senate Operations Committee and the GPC Constitution and Bylaws committee occurred on Tuesday, November 18th.






(1) Executive, Legislative Officers or Leaders and Advisors: To ensure communication between MSA and GPC, the Advisors, Presidents, Vice Presidents and MSA Speaker of the Senate and, if they should choose, any other MSA/GPC Executives, shall attend meetings twice a semester to discuss issues of either government, planned referenda, position statements, policy decisions, inter-organizational workings, and the composition of internal and external committees.

(2) MSA Senate and GPC General Assembly: During October of each year, the MSA and GPC officers or Leaders should appear before the other’s legislative body to make a presentation, discussing planned student activities and programming for the next year, the goals and activities of each government, and function/membership of policy boards and internal committees.

(3) Minutes: MSA and GPC shall send copies of the minutes and programming events of their senate meetings to the presiding officer of the other legislative body.

(B)See 51-28…


(1) Departmental Committees: The Department of Student Activities shall provide funding, in the amount of $5000, annually for at least one event for graduate and professional students. GPC shall have one representative guaranteed to each department in MSA, ensuring input of the graduate professional student body.

(2) Advertisements: There shall be an advertisement logo for both MSA and GPC on any co-sponsored activity. GPC and MSA shall be acknowledged as sponsors at any activities or services co-sponsored by the organizations (i.e., introduction of program, posters, all publicity, etc.). Advertising of events and programs generally shall strive to make graduate students aware that they are welcome at these events.

(D) Funding of Co-Sponsored Activities and Services

(1) Budgetary Allocations: Both MSA and GPC provide student services. To avoid unnecessary duplication of services, MSA will continue to offer services to graduate, professional, post-baccalaureate and undergraduate students. GPC will continue to fund these co-sponsored activities at a fixed percentage (50%) of GPC’s current student activity fee. In June of each year, MSA shall provide to GPC a summary of student fees spent for the previous academic year.

(2) Amendment Procedure: If the composition of the co-sponsored services that MSA administers changes significantly, either organization may request that the percentage of GPC’s budget (i.e. 0%-100%) allocated to these activities be changed. In order to facilitate budget planning for both MSA and GPC, such a percentage change must be ratified one year in advance of the proposed date of the percentage change. To amend the Articles of Cooperation, both the MSA Senate and the GPC General Assembly must ratify the proposed changed and the ratification shall require a two-thirds majority in each legislative body.

(E) Student Referendums

(1) Formation of Joint Election Committee: On those occasions when a general student referendum is needed or desired, a joint election committee will be formed. The composition of the committee will consist of the three GPC representatives designated by the GPC president and three MSA representatives, designated by the MSA President. The BEC shall serve as ex-officio members of the joint election committee. The joint committee is charged with preparation of the initiative’s wording. All decisions must be agreed upon with a 1 vote MSA and a 1 vote GPC decision, and will be subject to the necessary requirements as specified in the MSA Constitution and the GPC Constitution (i.e., 2/3 passage for approval).

(2) The MSA Board of Election Commissioners shall handle the implementation of the election process. Any polling sites shall be identified as “MSA/GPC Poll Sites.”  Ballots shall be prepared in a manner which gives equal recognition to MSA and GPC.

(G) Review Clause: The Articles of Cooperation shall be reviewed by MSA and GPC every two years. The results of the review shall be reported to the Advisors of MSA and GPC and to the MSA Senate and the GPC General Assembly.

(H) Appeals Clause: All conflicts and controversies arising between GPC or MSA may be appealed to SOGA only after the organization initiating the conflict makes a good-faith attempt to resolve it with the other organization.

(I) Termination Clause: Termination of the Articles of Cooperation shall only occur after a good-faith effort to revise the agreement. Notice will be given to the other party one year in advance before the Articles of Cooperation will be deemed terminated.


Respectfully submitted,

Nicholas R. Schwartz

Operations Committee Chair

Benjamin J. Bolin

Senate Speaker