University of Missouri

54-16: An Act to Expand and Better Define the Department of Student Services Committee

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri

Bill 54-16


PURPOSE: To expand the DSS Committees to better accommodate the increased amount of projects and services being done through DSS. This legislation will establish a new committee called the “Safety and Wellness Committee.” It also will define the “Service Development Committee” as being an ad hoc committee.

WHEREAS, with an increase in the past year from one returning DSS Coordinator to seventeen Coordinators that handle a large amount of projects; AND

WHEREAS, it becomes difficult for committees to handle a large amount of projects and an increased amount of committees can help manage more projects; AND

WHEREAS, many of the projects that DSS deals with are related to safety and wellness and could make up an entire committee on their own; AND

WHEREAS, the Service Development Committee has acted on an ad hoc basis, should be codified within the MSA bylaws.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that the Missouri Students Association bylaws be amended to read as follows:


1.80 DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT SERVICES – It shall be the duty of the Department of Student Services to provide programs and resources to improve the overall well being of the students of the University.

(A)    COMMITTEES – The following committees shall be a part of the Department of Student Services.

(1)     SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE – The Special Projects Committee shall work on the continuation and improvement of projects or services that benefit students’ needs.

(2)     SAFETY AND WELLNESS – The Campus Health and Wellness Committee shall work on projects or services that relate to improving student safety and promoting student wellness and health.

(3)     STUDENT HOUSING ISSUES COMMITTEE – The Student Housing Issues Committee shall work on projects or services that relate to student housing needs, whether they be on or off campus.

(4)     SERVICE DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – The Service Development Committee shall work on the creation and start-up of large, new programs or services that improve the experience of students. This committee will exist on an ad hoc basis.


Respectfully Submitted,


Zachary Folk

Zachary Folk

DSS Director

Nick Schwartz

Operations Chair

Leslie Parker