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54-09: MSA: Contingency and Reserve Request Form

Missouri Students Association Senate

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Missouri Students Association: Contingency and Reserve Request Form

Department/Group Requesting Funds:BEC

What is the Request for?: 2014 MSA Presidential Debate Hosted by the BEC

Why was this request not initially budgeted for?: From this point on, I believe the BEC should be allotted money for debate food. In the past food has increased the attendance of the debate.

Will this cost be something placed in your budget for next year?: Yes

How much is this request for? Minimum 175 Maximum 175

What is an estimated breakdown of how this money will be spent?:

This money will be spent on 10 additional Italian Village pizzas and refreshments.

Details about your request:

I understand that C&R requests require 2 Full Senates to pass. If we could please push this through in 1 Full Senate, It would give us funding in time for the debate.

Are there any other sources of funding that you have looked into that might be able to supplement a portion of the cost?

RHA is planning on donating $175.00 which is half the cost, 25 pizzas.

Estimated number of students impacted?100

Explain:We estimate about 100 student will attend this years debate.

Would you be available to come speak to MSA Budget Committee about this request?

[Committee meets at 7pm on Tuesdays in room 2203 of the Student Center]:


I recognize that non-compliance with the MSA Bylaws or Constitution may forfeit any approved funds.

Derek Chung

Please return this form to the MSA Senate office at least two weeks before you want your request to be considered by the full Senate.

All Contingency and Reserve applications are considered their own piece of individual legislation and require two senator signatures before going to the full Senate floor and it is the duty of MSA Legislative Cabinet to fulfill aforementioned signatures.

Respectfully Submitted,

Chris Hanner

Budget Chairman

Josh Boehm

Senate Clerk

Derek Chung

BEC Chairman