University of Missouri

54-07: A Resolution Addressing the 11th Annual Hate Wall Event

Missouri Students Association Senate

University of Missouri



PURPOSE: To acknowledge the 11th annual Hate Wall event, hosted with Four Front Minority Student Leaders Council and the Multicultural Center.

WHEREAS: Hate Wall, occurred on October 9th was one of the spotlight events of One Mizzou Week; AND

WHEREAS: Hate Wall is an advocacy event that has students of all backgrounds write on a temporary wall, symbolizing the effects of hateful words that Mizzou students experience in their lives in hopes of abolishing them from accepted dialogue; AND

WHEREAS: The wall was available for students at the main level of the Student Center from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.; AND

WHEREAS: Approximately 250 people participated in writing on the wall and around 50 people attended the educational portion of the event.

WHEREAS: The Indie Poets and the Diversity Peer Educators co-facilitated this event for the next hour by providing poetry reading and guided an educational program, Guided Fantasy; AND

WHEREAS: The budget of $500 was incurred by the Four Front Minority Student Leaders Council and the Multicultural Center provided supplies; AND

WHEREAS: Hate Wall surfaced the reality that minoritized/marginalized students on this campus still face incidents of bias, such as, but not limited to, abusive and derogatory language, insults, stereotypes, and microaggressions; AND

WHEREAS: the Social Justice Committee, the Four Front Minority Student Leaders Council, and the Multicultural Center aim to further facilitate dialogue about these ongoing occurrences.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that MSA Social Justice Committee and students recognize the hateful language still present on this campus.

Respectfully Submitted,

Young Kwon

Social Justice Committee Chair

Loretta Lee

MSA Senator


Vera Tan

MSA Senator


Delan Ellington

MSA Senator


Jessica DeMunbrun



Yasmin Younis