University of Missouri

53-6: An Act to Amend Senate Bill 52-48

 Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-6


 PURPOSE:  To maintain the separation of academic college seats into two elections, one per semester.

 WHEREAS, designating this election a “special election” Senate concurs with the President for this proposition; AND

WHEREAS, the court has asked that MSA amend 52-48 to read explicitly “special election”; AND

WHEREAS, failure to make the amendment will result in a reversal of separating academic college elections; AND

WHEREAS,  two elections allow senators to better represent the student body.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the following amendment be submitted to amend 52-48 before its first stages take effect to read:

“WHEREAS, this process does not alter the At-Large Senator’s role, allowing undecided majors and those changing majors to represent their constituents effectively.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that Bylaw Chapter 5 Section 3 be amended as follows upon passage of this act:

5.30 SENATE ELECTION – The date and time for the Senate elections shall be outlined below.
(A) DATE OF ELECTION – The date of elections shall be defined as the Tuesday during the election period.
(B) DATE AND TIME – The Senate elections shall take place during the presidential elections in the Fall semester, and  on a Tuesday in April during the Spring semester. The Spring election shall take place over forty-eight hours and shall begin at 6:00PM on the Monday prior to the date of election and shall end at 6:00PM on the Wednesday following the date of election.
(1) In cases of postponement of one election. Both shall be postponed.
(C) CHANGES OF THE DATE – The Senate, may by enactment, move the date of the elections.  This move can occur no more than twenty days before the date of election.
(1) TECHNICAL FAILURE – If the  a general election fails due to technical reasons the date of the election shall be moved one calendar week later.
(2) EXTREME CIRCUMSTANCES – Extreme circumstances including, but not limited to, investigations against a particular slate are recognized as possible factors that may necessitate the delay of an election outside of the timeframe described above.  In cases where the BEC feels that a delay is necessary within one calendar week of the date of the election the BEC has the authority to postpone the date of election by one week.
(D) BEC HANDBOOK – The BEC shall create a handbook containing specific guidelines for the general elections.  The handbook shall require approval of the Senate Operations Committee and then full Senate.  Once passed the handbook shall have the same authority as the bylaws.
(E) NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES – Guidelines for individuals wishing to become official candidates for the general elections shall follow the guidelines below.
(1) NOMINATION OF CANDIDATES – Candidates may be nominated as Senators only.  The candidates shall submit a form to the BEC to become a candidate.
(F) PROPERTY DESTRUCTION – Any candidate, organization or individual campaigning in any election shall be responsible for damage to or defacement of another candidate’s campaign materials committed by an individual or individuals involved with their own campaign.
(G) CAMPAIGN WORKERS – Campaign workers shall be defined as any person working towards an active goal of promoting a candidate or slate.
(H) SPLITTING SEATS – MSA Senate shall be in charge of dividing and managing seats for each election in tandem with the BEC.
(1) Seats shall be tied to their planned election cycle.
(I) LENGTH OF TERM – Each Regular Academic College election shall be for a one year seat term.
(1) If a seat becomes empty before the end of its term, that seat shall be added to the next concurrent election.
(2) If the next concurrent election is not the seats regular election cycle, that seat’s term shall be tied to the new academic election cycle. until the next academic college senate election. Such seats shall be defined as “off schedule seats.”
(J) OFF SCHEDULE SEATS PROVISIONS – If off schedule seats are available, slates will run for all planned seats and off schedule seats as determined by academic college as if the total number were planned seats. Elected slates shall be selected for planned seats and off schedule seats by total number of votes. The elected senator(s) with the lowest number of votes shall be awarded the off schedule seat(s) accordingly.
                (K) SEAT VARIATION – Analysis for varying populations of academic colleges shall be held prior to the spring election.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that, in order to achieve the first wave of these changes, a special election be called this fall (November of 2013) to elect 25 (or more as determined by vacancy and the BEC) senate seats to be tied to this fall election.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that, of those 25 seats, if any are currently occupied,  limit their normal one year seat to a six month seat for this one time special election (for November of 2013).

Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin J. Bolin
Operations Chairman

Mckenzie Morris
MSA Senate Speaker

Benjamin S. Vega
Academic Affairs Chairman