University of Missouri

53-50: A C&R Request on the Behalf of the RSVP Center (Senate and Exec)

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri

Bill 53-50

A C&R Request on the Behalf of the RSVP Center (Senate and Exec)

Department/Group Requesting Funds: RSVP Center (Senate & Exec)

What is this request for? To move $1200.00 from the C&R of next Fiscal Budget year to the RSVP Center.

Why was this cost not initially budgeted for? Travel was removed from all budgets and moved to C&R/Travel pool _________________________________________

Will this cost be something placed in your budget for the next fiscal year?

[  ] yes    [X] no

How much is your request for? Minimum: $1200.00 Maximum:$1200.00

What is an estimated breakdown of how this money would be spent?

Travel = $1200.00

e.g. “New computer screen / Plane Tickets”

Travel                $1200.00                                                                    

Costs: $3,700

If necessary, give links to comparable pricing options (if unnecessary, leave blank):

Are there any other potential sources of funding that you have looked into that might be able to supplement a portion of the cost?  No. _________________________________________________


Estimated number of students impacted:_35,000
Explain: RSVP Center plays a critical role on campus. To allow RSVP Center to grow and be fair to student life, we must move all of the appropriated funds to RSVP to their budget to make the transition easier for Student Life.


Would you be available to come speak to MSA Budget Committee about this request? [Committee meets at 7 PM on Tuesdays in the Student Center] [ ] yes      [X ] no

Note: Availability to speak with Budget Committee is not a requirement to receive funding

I recognize that non-compliance with MSA Bylaws may forfeit any approved funds.


____Benjamin J Bolin________


Please return this form and a request in legislative form to the MSA Senate office at least two weeks before you want your request to be considered by the full Senate