University of Missouri

53-48: A Resolution to Urge the University of Missouri Colleges to Formally Consult Students Prior to Enacting Changes to College Level Fees

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri

Bill 53-48


PURPOSE: To urge the university to develop a committee that functions similarly to SFRC to review changes to college level fees.

WHEREAS, the College of Arts and Sciences has recently assessed a $25/credit hour fee; AND

WHEREAS, the College of Engineering has recently assessed an “Excellence Fee” at $30/credit hour for in state students and at $70/credit hour for out of state students, AND

WHEREAS, student fees ought not to be used as substitutes for tuition increases, AND

WHEREAS, proposed changes to university-wide fees must be approved by the Student Fee Review Committee (SFRC); AND

WHEREAS, the SFRC is the mechanism that ensures that undergraduates and professional students are meaningfully consulted prior to the enacting of changes in university-wide fees, AND

WHEREAS, it is right and proper that undergraduate students be meaningfully consulted prior to the enacting of changes in student fees, AND

WHEREAS, increases in college-level fees contribute in the same manner that increases in university-level fees contribute to the total student fees burden on undergraduate students, AND

WHEREAS, increasing college-level fees without first meaningfully consulting undergraduates represent a violation of the spirit of the mission of SFRC and a violation of what is right and proper.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that the Missouri Students Association takes a uniform stance regarding our disappointment with the manner in which the herein mentioned new fees were instituted and our disapproval of the failure to consult undergraduates prior to instituting said fees.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the Missouri Students Association encourages the colleges at the University of Missouri to develop a committee that functions analogously to the SFRC through which undergraduate students are meaningfully consulted before changes are made to student fees.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the Missouri Students Association strongly encourages the Board of Curators of the University of Missouri to codify the existence of this proposed committee in the Collected Rules and Regulations of the University of Missouri

Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin Bolin

Missouri Students Association Senate Speaker

Benjamin Vega

Academic Affairs Chairman

Process for Engaging and Consulting Students in Regard to Changes to College Level Academic Fees


  • A college seeking to increase existing academic fees or institute new fees MUST solicit feedback from its students.
  • The college MUST host a college-wide open forum to discuss the fee changes and solicit student feedback.
  • The open forum MUST be dedicated, solely, to the discussion of the proposed fee changes.
  • Items that should be addressed in the college-wide forum should include, but are not limited to
    • Why the fee changes are necessary
    • How  the fee level was determined
    • Specific plans for how the fees will be used


  • Students should be given 2-4 weeks notice of the open forum, via a college-wide mass email. Other forms of notification in addition to the mass email are encouraged.
  • The open forum should be held during the workweek at a time and in a location that is accessible by the majority of students in the college.
  • A summary of the open forum should be distributed to students in the college via email no later than two weeks after the forum.
  • Notes from the forum should also be sent to the MU Chancellor and Provost and submitted with the fee request to the University of Missouri Board of Curators.