University of Missouri

53-42: An Act to Ensure Fulfillment of the Senate’s Legislative Function

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri

Bill 53-42


PURPOSE:  to ensure that the Senate does not exceed its function prescribed in the constitution and bylaws of the Association.

WHEREAS, neither the constitution nor the bylaws designate programming to be the sole responsibility of the Department of Student Activities or of the Senate , AND

WHEREAS, the right and power to conduct events and programming is not denied to the senate in either of the aforementioned documents, AND

WHEREAS, Article IV Paragraph D Section 2 of the Constitution states: “The Department of Student Activities shall be a permanent part of the executive branch and shall administer programs to promote and contribute to a well rounded social, recreational, cultural and educational life for all members of the Association”, AND

WHEREAS, Article V Paragraph C of the Constitution states: “The Senate shall have the sole power to: (c) pass resolutions on subjects which affect or are of concern to the Association” ,AND

WHEREAS, Article II of the Constitution states “All undergraduate students of the University of Missouri-Columbia shall be members of the Missouri Students Association, hereinafter referred to as the Association”, AND

WHEREAS, any programming conducted by the Senate should produce legislation in the form of a resolution as per the bylaws, AND

WHEREAS, this will give all members of the student body the opportunity to be represented in their own governance, AND

WHEREAS, this will enable the Senate to act as a better intermediary between Students and University Officials,

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that Chapter Two of the Bylaws be amended to read as follows:

2.00 CHAPTER TWO DEFINED – All duties, powers, and departments of the legislative branch shall be placed in this chapter of the bylaws.

(A) POWERS OF THE SENATE – The following powers shall be vested in the Senate.

(1) The Senate shall have the power to change the association bylaws.
(2) The Senate shall have the power to allocate the association’s student activity fee revenue, and all other revenue within the association.
(3) All officers of the association are bound to express any opinion of the student body expressed by the Senate as a resolution.

(4) The Senate shall have the power to conduct programming and events that advocate for the student body.

(a) These events and programs must be for the purpose of gathering student opinion on a subject and/or expressing that opinion and must not be solely social, recreational, cultural, or educational.

(b) Each event and program conducted by the Senate must produce legislation in the form of a Resolution expressing the opinion of the students that participated in that event.

(i) Legislation in the form of an Act with an attached Report to be submitted to the relevant University official(s) may replace or appear as companion legislation to the Resolution mentioned in section (b) above.

(ii) Any student must have the opportunity to append their name to any legislation or any report produced as a result of a Senate sponsored event.

(iii) The legislation mentioned in the above sections must be submitted at the next opportunity following the completion of the event.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ben Vega

Academic Affairs Chairman

Benjamin J. Bolin

Senate Speaker

Emily Smith


Derek Chung

BEC Chairman

Chris Hanner

Budget Vice Chairman