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53-36: An Act to Establish a Travel Fund for All MSA/GPC Organizations and Auxiliaries for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 53-36


PURPOSE: To establish a $16,000 travel fund budget for all MSA/GPC organizations and auxiliaries to use by request for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year to roll over consecutively every Fiscal Year henceforth; To amend Chapter IV of the Bylaws to include a procedure for requesting travel funds and establish a minimum threshold of $16,000 for travel every Fiscal Year henceforth.

WHEREAS, The 2013-2014 Fiscal Year saw cuts to all MSA/GPC organizations and auxiliaries travel funds; AND

WHEREAS, The 2014-2015 Fiscal Year presents a scenario where many organizations receive travel arbitrarily leaving some without travel funds; AND

WHEREAS, In the interest of fairness all organizations ought to have equal rights to apply for travel funds; AND

WHEREAS, In the interest of fiscal responsibility, a $16,000 budget would cover necessary travel expenditures for MSA/GPC organizations and significantly reduce wishful travel expenditures; AND

WHEREAS, In the interest of transparency, a procedure for requesting travel funds will permit that all travel requests are itemized, documented and discussed at length providing time for all interested party’s to express their facts and opinions, respectively, by holding all organizations accountable; AND

WHEREAS, A separate travel fund will distinguish the nature of Contingency and Reserve Requests from travel requests; AND

WHEREAS, Establishing a travel fund and establishing a procedure for requesting travel funds will increase communication between MSA/GPC organizations and auxiliaries regarding budgetary concerns; AND

WHEREAS, $21,000 is currently allocated for travel for the 2014-2015 Fiscal year; AND

WHEREAS, it shall be the duty of the Association to determine where the reaming $5,000 will be allocated.


THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT ASSOCIATION THERE ASSEMBLED that a $16,000 travel fund and travel request procedure be established for the 2014-2015 Fiscal Year and Chapter IV of the bylaws reflect that change as follows:


4.4 Travel Request Procedure—The process for creating travel funds requests shall be outline below

(A) SENATE COMMITTEE REVIEW – The travel request shall be reviewed by the Senate Budget Committee at the committee meeting prior to the first reading of the act.  The Budget Committee shall vote in accordance with the Rules of the Senate (Rule 4).  If the Budget Committee does not pass the travel request with a 3/5 majority vote then the bill shall not pass.
(B) FULL SENATE REVIEW AND FINAL PASSAGE – The travel request shall be reviewed by the full Senate and requires a 3/5 majority vote for final passage
(C) TRAVEL FUND LIMITATIONS – All travel fund requests must be made by September 1st of the following Academic Year.  All travel funds not requested and unused shall roll into the following fiscal year.  The travel fund shall not fall below $16,000 for the following fiscal year.

4.50 LINE ITEM TRANSFERS – The process for transferring money within the association shall be outlined below.

(A) UNDER $1,500 – The Vice President shall have the authority to make line item transfers under $1,500 within the association without the consent of the Senate.  Transfers that would be transferred outside of the association shall require Operations and Senate approval regardless of the amount.  All transfers must be announced to the full senate.
(B) GREATER THAN $1,500 – Any member of the association may propose line item transfers within the association in the form of an Act to the Senate Operations Committee and full Senate.

4.60 FINANCIAL REPORTS – The Vice President shall submit budgetary reports for all appropriations, including planned future expenses seven and fourteen weeks into each semester for the purposes of review.  These reports shall be completed in conjunction with the Budget and Operations Committees and will be presented to full Senate seven weeks into the semester and fourteen weeks into the semester.

4.70 UNIVERSITY COOPERATIVE AGREEMENTS – The association shall partner with the University in various programs and services.

(A) PROFESSIONAL STAFF – In joint agreement the association shall pay the salaries of any staff member hired within the confines of the association based on the University system of job classification and salary ranges.
(B) HIRING OF PROFESSIONAL STAFF – In joint agreement the association shall assist the University in hiring any professional staff member within the association.

4.80 ACADEMIC RECESS ALLOCATION REQUEST – The process of transferring funds or accessing the contingency and reserve account during an academic recess shall be outlined below.

(A) SPONSOR – The President, Vice President, or Senate Speaker shall have the authority to sponsor an academic recess allocation request.
(B) PRIMARY APPROVAL – Jointly the President, Vice President, and Senate Speaker must approve the request.
(C) SENATE APPROVAL – Members of the Senate Operations and Budget Committees shall vote on the request via electronic means.  Members of the committee are defined as the voting members of Senate during the last regular Senate meeting.
(D) VOTING – The Senate approval of the request requires a 2/3 majority vote from the plurality of votes combined between the Operations and Budget Committees.
(E) QUORUM – Shall be 40% of the plurality of voting members between the Operations and Budget Committees.  Failure to reach quorum shall result in a failing vote on the request.

Respectfully Submitted


Nick Schwartz

Nick Schwartz

Operations Chairman


Mitch Moonier

Mitch Moonier

Student Affairs Chairman


Ben Bolin

Ben Bolin

Senate Speaker