University of Missouri

53-30: An Act to Restructure the Department of Student Services Committees

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri

Bill 53-30


 PURPOSE: To restructure the Department of Student Services committees to be able to address broader student issues.

WHEREAS, in chapter one, the current committees listed are outdated and haven’t been utilized in recent history; AND

WHEREAS, these past committee’s purpose has been too focused on specific issues and are not broad enough to address a wide array of student needs; AND

WHEREAS, through broadening out the focus of these committees, the Department of Student Services will be able to utilize these committees without having to restructure them each year to different student needs; AND

WHEREAS, the Department of Student Services has many ongoing projects as well as works on developing new student services; AND

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association does not have a specific group or individual to address student housing issues; AND

WHEREAS, these committees have already been enacted by the Director of Student Services and have already seen success within the short time they have existed.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that Bylaw Chapter One be amended to read as follows upon passage of this act:


Chapter I

1.70 DEPARTMENT OF STUDENT SERVICES – It shall be the duty of the Department of Student Services to provide programs and resources to improve the overall well being of the students of the University.

(A) COMMITTEES – The following committees shall be a part of the Department of Student Services.

(1) SPECIAL SERVICES SERVICES DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE – The Special Services Services Development Committee shall work on the creation and start-up of new programs or services that improve the experience of students.
(2) CAMPUS SAFETY COMMITTEE – The Campus Safety Committee shall host the annual campus safety walk, and provide any other services deemed necessary for the improvement of campus safety.

(2) SPECIAL PROJECTS COMMITTEE – The Special Projects Committee shall work on the continuation and improvement of projects or services that benefit students’ needs.

(3) STUDENT HOUSING ISSUES COMMITTEE – The Student Housing Issues Committee shall work on projects or services that relate to student housing needs, whether they be on or off campus.

Respectfully Submitted,

Zachary Folk

Director of Student Services

Nick Schwartz


Ben Bolin

Senate Speaker