University of Missouri

53-23: A Resolution in Favor of Adding Gender Identity and Expression to the Non-Discrimination Policy

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-23


 PURPOSE: To add gender identity and expression to the non-discrimination policy.

WHEREAS, transgender and gender nonconforming students often face a hostile or unwelcoming campus climate; AND

WHEREAS, every student deserves to feel safe and comfortable at the University of Missouri; AND

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri’s non-discrimination policy currently includes sexual orientation; AND

WHEREAS, the current language in the non-discrimination policy does not explicitly prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or gender expression; AND

WHEREAS, gender identity is defined as the gender with which an individual person identifies, which may or may not be at odds with their sex assigned at birth; AND

WHEREAS, gender expression is defined as the outward presentation of one’s gender which may be perceived by others to be at odds with an individual’s sex-assigned-at-birth; AND

WHEREAS, at least 623 United States colleges and universities have non-discrimination policies including “gender identity and expression,” including seven Missouri institutions; AND

WHEREAS, including the phrase “gender identity and expression” in the non-discrimination policy clarifies MU’s resolve to support all of its students, faculty members, and staff members.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the Missouri Students Association Senate urges Chancellor Loftin as well as the Board of Curators to approve and update the University and University System’s non-discrimination policy to include the language “gender identity and expression.”

Respectfully Submitted,

Connor Hickox

MSA Activist

Payton Head

Social Justice Committee Chair

Young Kwon

Social Justice Committee Vice Chair

Benjamin J. Bolin

Operations Chair