University of Missouri

53-21: An Act to Change the Name of MCI

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-21


PURPOSE: To change the name of Multicultural Issues Committee to the Social Justice Committee.

WHEREAS, the Multicultural Issues Committee is less marketable and has a negative connotation; AND

WHEREAS, the committee has a much larger agenda than Multicultural Issues; AND

WHEREAS, by naming the committee Social Justice Committee it will encourage future chairs to work more closely with our Social Justice Centers (Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center, Multicultural Center, Women’s Center, LGBTQ Resource Center, MSA/GPC Craft Studio, Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Center) and its corresponding organizations.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that chapters 2 & 6 be amended to read as follows:

2.50 SENATE COMMITTEES – There shall be six Senate Committees titled: Operations Committee, Student Affairs Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, Multicultural Issues Committee Social Justice Committee, Campus and Community Relations Committee, and Budget Committee.

2.75 MULTICULTURAL ISSUES COMMITTEE SOCIAL JUSTICE COMMITTEE– The Social Justice Committee Multicultural Issues shall be tasked with addressing issues relating to diversity that affects students.

(A) ADDITIONAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – The Social Justice Committee Multicultural Issues Committee shall meet all other prescribed duties and responsibilities.

(1) Consider bills of the Senate.
(2) Meet with the MSA Chief Diversity Officer, Social Justice Center Directors, and the Assistant Deputy Chancellor Chief Diversity Officer Vice Provost for Minority Affairs on an as needed basis.
(3) Investigate minority student concerns and develop solutions to those concerns.



(i) EXECUTIVE AND LEGISLATIVE OFFICERS: To ensure communication between the Missouri Students Association (MSA) and the Missouri International Student Council (MISC), representatives of both organizations shall meet at least twice during both the fall and winter semesters to discuss position statements, policy decisions, inter-organizational workings, and the composition of internal and external committees, or any other business. In addition to these meetings, they may meet at any time deemed necessary. Bylaws of each organization shall have specific language requiring their officers to attend these meetings.
(ii) MINUTES AND LEGISLATION: MSA and MISC shall send copies of the minutes, programming events, and passed legislation of their senate meetings to the presiding officer of the other legislative body. MSA and MISC shall send copies of their agendas for Senate and General Assembly meetings respectively within a week of the meetings. The Director of the Department of Student Activities, Student Services, or Department of Student Communications shall send the President of MISC a list of events, plans, and activities they will put on monthly.


(i) MSA and MISC shall have the ability to appoint liaisons to each respective policy making bodies as deemed appropriate by the executive and legislative officers of both respective organizations.
(ii) A permanent liaison position for MISC General Assembly shall be in place for an MSA representative assigned by the MSA Social Justice Committee Multicultural Issues Committee.

Respectfully Submitted,

Payton Head
Multicultural Issues Chair / Social Justice Committee Chair

Young Kwon
Senator, Multicultural Issues Vice Chair / Social Justice Committee Vice Chair

Benjamin J. Bolin
Operations Chair