University of Missouri

53-2: An Act to Amend the Fiscal 2014 Budget for MUTV/KCOU

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-2


PURPOSE: To amend the allocation from the fiscal 2014 budget to the justice of MUTV/KCOU.

WHEREAS, The GM’s are currently paid for 12 hours per week for 36 weeks despite working 15+ hours every week; AND

WHEREAS, all other GM’s for MSA Auxiliaries are paid for 15 hours a week; AND

WHEREAS, Mark Johnson found $2121 by closing unused data ports; AND

WHEREAS, The funds would go to contingency and reserve if it does not go to KCOU/MUTV; AND

WHEREAS, bringing the GM’s for KCOU AND MUTV to the standard of all other auxiliaries will cost $2086.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that line 106-107 of the fiscal 2014 budget be amended to read as follows

KCOU $7.45/hour at 15 hours/week for 36 weeks, 8 hours/week for 4 weeks. (reduced from $4326 to $4261.40, a decrease of 1.5% from FY2013).

MUTV General Manager $7.45/hour at 15 hours/week for 36 weeks, 8 hours/week for 4 weeks.  (reduced from $6354 to $4261.40, decrease of 33% from FY2013).

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Bolin                                            Shelby Catalano
Operations Chair                               Budget Chair

McKenzie Morris                               Sandy Patel
Senate Speaker                                  Secretary of Auxiliaries