University of Missouri

53-19: A C&R Request on the Behalf of the Department of Student Activities

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-19


 PURPOSE:  To attend the National Association for Campus Activities Conference.
WHEREAS, DSA has attended NACA every year; AND
WHEREAS, attending NACA grants a discounted rate for booking performers; AND
WHEREAS, the savings from this conference for just one comedian last year was $3500.00; AND
WHEREAS, travel was cut from each department’s budget and moved to C&R; AND
WHEREAS, DSA is seeking $2800.00 to send the Director of Student Activities and a Graduate Assistant to NACA in Boston Massachusetts.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that $2,800.00 be transferred from the Contingency and Reserve Account to the DSA account to send two DSA coordinators to the NACA Conference.

Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin J. Bolin
Operations Chair

Shelby Catalano
Budget Chair

Chelsea M. Fricker



Missouri Students Association: Contingency and Reserve Request Form


Department/Group Requesting Funds: Department of Student Activities

What is this request for? _To grant the Department of Student Activities a Contingency and Reserve Request.

Why was this cost not initially budgeted for? __Travel was removed from all budgets and moved to C&R_____________________________________________________________________


Will this cost be something placed in your budget for the next fiscal year?

[  ] yes    [X] no

How much is your request for? Minimum: ____$2800.00__ Maximum: ____1 Million Dollars______.

What is an estimated breakdown of how this money would be spent?

Flight $720.00 for both attendees both ways.

Conference Registration is $702.00.

Hotel is $740.00.

Food (at $23.00 a day [standard University amount]) is $184.00.

Gas (from Columbia to Saint Louis) (driving the University’s poor gas millage van) & parking $150.

Taxes & Miscellaneous $304.00.

e.g. “New computer screen / Plane Tickets”

The Trip                   $2800.00                                                                    


If necessary, give links to comparable pricing options (if unnecessary, leave blank):

Are there any other potential sources of funding that you have looked into that might be able to supplement a portion of the cost?  We are actually sending five individuals but Mizzou After Dark is paying for one and Special Events is paying for two individuals._________________________________________________


Estimated number of students impacted:_Many.
Explain: __Because this event grants us discount offers for great name artists we are able to bring in more talent and provide students an activity that is fun and safe.


Would you be available to come speak to MSA Budget Committee about this request? [Committee meets at 7 PM on Tuesdays in the Student Center] [X ] yes      [  ] no

Note: Availability to speak with Budget Committee is not a requirement to receive funding



I recognize that non-compliance with MSA Bylaws may forfeit any approved funds.



____Ben J. Bolin________




Please return this form and a request in legislative form to the MSA Senate office at least two weeks before you want your request to be considered by the full Senate.