University of Missouri

53-16: An Act to Grant the Missouri Students Association a Contingency and Reserve Request

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-16


PURPOSE: To provide the required sum of money for the Missouri Students Association to buy one new computer for Craft Studio.
WHEREAS, the Craft Studio is an auxiliary service of MSA; AND
WHEREAS, all professional staff are required to have a computer to complete their duties; AND
WHEREAS, Amy, the Craft Studio advisor’s computer’s logic board crapped out; AND
WHEREAS, SAS Information Technology estimated the replacement cost of the logic board will be approximately $1,700 to replace; AND
WHEREAS, the Craft Studio would like to replace the expensive iMac with a less expensive Dell, AND
WHEREAS, a Dell with the hardware necessary to run the Adobe design software that the Craft Studio uses is only marginally more expensive than the standard Dell computers that MSA purchases for staff; AND
WHEREAS, the total cost of a new Dell for the Craft Studio is $1,017 and they are only asking for C&R funds to cover $799, the standard computer allocation for MSA computers; AND
WHEREAS, the contingency and reserve account current stands at 10,000 dollars; AND
WHEREAS, the contingency and reserve account is meant for emergencies such as this.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that $799.00 be transferred from the Contingency and Reserve Account to the Missouri Students Association account to replace the dead advisors computer for the Craft Studio.

Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin J. Bolin
Operations Chairman

Shelby Catalano
Budget Chairwoman