University of Missouri

53-12: An Act to Establish the Referendum & Wording on the Sustainability Fee

Missouri Students Association
University of Missouri
Bill 53-12


PURPOSE:  To establish the referendum and wording on the Sustainability Fee.
WHEREAS, the Sustainability Fee is set to be assessed from time to time in accordance with the previous referendum; AND
WHEREAS, the last BEC election ballot explicitly explained that this fee would be brought to a vote every four years; AND
WHEREAS, four years has elapsed since the sustainability fee was last submitted to the students of the University of Missouri.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that a referendum on the Sustainability Fee be placed on the Fall 2013 ballot as administered by the Board of Election Commissioners.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the wording for the Sustainability Fee referendum on the Fall 2013 ballot as administered by the Board of Election Commissioners be as follows:

“Do you approve the continuation of the Sustainability Fee? At $1.06 per student per semester, the Sustainability Fee funds the Environmental Leadership Office whose mission is to collaborate with MU students to provide support, resources, education, and leadership opportunities. This office provides and manages the Mizzou Bike Share program (free bike rental), the Bike Resource Center (free bike repair on Lowry Mall), the Mizzou Food Coalition (coordinates the campus Farmers’ Markets), the

Ambassador program (peer-education, campus tours, and leadership development), and a variety of sustainability-themed events. These programs and services empower students to get involved and take meaningful action to address environmental issues on campus and beyond.

() Yes
() No

Due to a clerical error, students in 2009 were informed that this fee would be put before students every four years. No other student fee, with the exception of the ASUM fee, undergoes this process. The fee will continue to be reviewed yearly by the Student Fee Review Committee. Do you wish for the Sustainability Fee to continue to be put before the student body every four years?

() Yes
() No”

Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin J. Bolin
Operations Chair

Ben Levin