University of Missouri

52-49: A Resolution to Support the Joint Senate Articles of Cooperation

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill #52-49


PURPOSE:  To support the Joint Senate Articles of Cooperation here defined, and further present said articles at Joint Session.

WHEREAS, there currently is no written code that provides structure to Joint Session meetings, AND

WHEREAS, RHA, GPC, IFC, and PHA have all approved the Articles, AND

WHEREAS, the following articles outline how legislation ought to be passed, who can vote, procedure and amendments, AND

WHEREAS, these simple guidelines define joint session to operate and be hosted more effective and efficiently.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that MSA supports the Joint Session Articles of Cooperation described below, AND

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that these Articles of Cooperation be presented at Joint Session in the form of legislation.


Articles of Cooperation for Joint Session

I. Preface

A. We the joint governing bodies of the University of Missouri shall engage in complete collaboration biannually to communicate the needs and desires of the students we represent. These sessions are a time of deliberation and legislative expression, promoting definitive campus wide action and productive discourse.

II. Membership:

A. All voting members of the Joint session shall be listed below.

The Missouri Students Association


The Graduate Professional Council


The Residence Halls Association


The Legion of Black Collegians


The Panhellenic Council


The Interfraternity Council


The National Panhellenic Council


Four Front

B. Non Membership- Voting members may be removed from this list by legislation.

C. Applying for Membership – Any student government can submit legislation to become a member of Joint Session. That proposition must be approved by simple majority of the members present.

III. Voting

A. Voting Rights- Only governments who are defined in these articles shall have the right to vote. Any member of that organization who is present for joint session shall have the right to vote with the discretion of their governing bodies. Persons who are members of more than one student government prezent shall only vote once within the government of their choosing.

B. Passing or Failing Legislation- Each governing organization shall have one vote. A majority is reached when more governing bodies vote in favor than those that vote against a legislation.

C. Legislation- All legislation must be passed through simple majority. All passed legislation will have all the members of joint session’s name backing the legislation.

IV. Procedure

A. Unless stipulated in these articles, joint session shall default to Roberts Rules of Order on matters of method and style.

V. Amendments

A. All amendments to these articles must be proposed through legislation, and approved via simple majority.

VI. Hosting

A. A government hosting Joint Session must follow the expectations and rules defined in this document.

B. It shall be the duty of the current hosting joint session government to keep these articles up to date and present at all joint session meetings.


Respectfully Submitted,

Ben Bolin

Mason Schara