University of Missouri

52-43: A Resolution Supporting the New At-Large Election Process

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill #52-43


PURPOSE:  To formally encourage the new method of electing at large senators.

WHEREAS, The current process does not hold applicants accountable to their applications, or character; AND

WHEREAS, applicants are currently not given a fair chance to market themselves to senate; AND

WHEREAS, The application and process ought to demonstrate an applicant’s open mindedness, doer-mentality, commitment, and communication ability; AND

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION HERE ASSEMBLED that MSA Senate Supports The New At-Large Election Process, which is as follows:

Application questions changed to read:

1. Where do you think the student government needs to improve? Explain

2. What issues should MSA Senate take a stance on? What is the purpose of MSA?

3. Ask your own question and answer it.

Requirements added to Apply:

1. Must have attended two committee meetings previously.

Senate Procedure for At-Large Elections changed to:

1. Applicants lined up and presented to senate.

2. Applicants are dismissed from the chamber and invited invididually.

3. Applicants will have their application displayed behind him/her.

4. Applicants will have two minutes to highlight three things from their application.

5. Applicants will have 2 minutes to field questions immidiately following.

6. The endorsement period abolished.


Respectfully Submitted,

Benjamin Bolin, Operations Chairman

Mckenzie Morris, Senate Speaker