University of Missouri

52-40: A Resolution in Recognition of Jacob Sloan

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 52-40


PURPOSE: To recognize Mr. Jacob Sloan for his outstanding service and leadership to the Missouri Students Association and the University of Missouri. To honor his two terms as MSA Senate Speaker, and his loyalty to the student population.

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan has been intensely engaged in MSA for four years; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan served as MSA Senate Speaker for two terms and was instrumental in the professional transformation of the organization; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan oversaw MSA during a time when great programs and events such as Bike Share, More For Less, One Mizzou, Tiger Pantry and countless others were founded; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan served as BEC chair and administered a fair election process; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan served as budget chair for one term overseeing a budget of over 1.5 million dollars; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan has served on countless committees around campus. These include: Student Fee Capital Improvement Committee, Parking and Transportation, Student Fee Review Committee, and the Student Organization Allocation Committee; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan encouraged and empowered many senators to create programs, legislation, and progress for the betterment of the student body; AND

WHEREAS, Mr. Sloan consistently placed student opinions before all else.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that MSA Senate thanks Mr. Jacob Sloan for his time as a true leader, listener, and friend for all within the organization. We recognize that MSA would not be the same without his efforts and that he leaves a legacy that will not be forgotten.



Respectfully submitted,

Benjamin J. Bolin                                Devin Kelsey                          Nick Droege
Operations Chair                                 MSA Senator                          MSA President

Mason Schara                                      Gunnar Johanson               Ben Levin
Chief of Staff                                     MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Farouk Aregbe                                        Clark Maynard                        Sean Joy
Student Government Advisor            Head Crony                       DSS Director

Caitlyn Gallip                                  Ben Vega                                Mahir Khan
MSA Senator                      Academic Affairs Chair          Secretary of Auxiliaries

Lexie Cartee                                        David Wettroth                       Joey Greenstein
Former MSA Senator                          MSA Senator                          DSA Director

Zach Beattie                                        Mitch Moonier                        Dan Paterson
MSA Vice President                           MSA Senator                         MSA Senator

Taylor Major                                       JoMarie Infranca                     Julia Schroer
MSA Senator                                      MCI Chair                               DSS Coordinator

Connor Hickox                                   Grayson Cooper                      David Vaughn
Student Affairs Chair                         MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Dylan Hilton                                       Tess Yocum                            Samantha Green
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          LAO

Matt Kalish                                         McKenzie Morris                        Spencer Maass
MSA Senate Clerk                              MSA Senate Speaker              MSA Senator

Eric Woods                                         Jeremy Terman                        Shelby Catalano
MSA President Emeritus                    MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Myles Artis                                         Tyler Hays                               Chris Rucker
MSA Senator                                      Former MSA Senator              Former RHA President

Sandy Patel                                         Tyler Gill                                 Jimmy Hibsch
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          DSC Director

Mollie Breese                                      Zack Folk                                Aaron Munzer
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          Former MSA Senator

Luke Blackburn                                  Julia Bosley                             Lindsay Weber
Former MSA Senator                          Former MSA Senator              RHA Vice President

Kathy Rudd                                                    Dylan Eike                              Zack Martin
Former MSA Senator                          Former MSA Senator              Former MSA Senator

Abbye Torgerson                                Greg Loeffler                          Jordan Denker
MSA Senator                                      Former DSS Director              Former MSA Senator

Chris Chandler                                    Taeler De Haes                        Bren Smith-Lezama
Former MSA Senator                          Former MSA Senator              MSA Senator

Xavier Billingsley                               Helena Kooi                                    Lizzie Kuhlman
Former MSA President             Former MSA Vice President           MSA Senator

Danny Glover                                     Alex Blodgett                         Allie Humes
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Zac Sweets                                          Kyle Gunby                                   Sean Oates
Outreach Chair                                    MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Christopher Kemp                               Payton Head                      Logan Borgsmiller
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Michael Mueller                                  Tyler Ricketts                          Connor Wangler
MSA Senator                                      Former MSA Senator              Former MSA Senator

Jessica Thurston                            Kristofferson Culmer                       Lakeisha Williams
MSA Senator                                      GPC President                                    Former MSA Senator

Jacob McKinley                                  Sam Gerlach                            Ana Whitaker
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          MSA Senator

Ahad Hosseini                                     Andrew Maher                        Zach Toombs
MSA Senator                                      MSA Senator                          Former DSC Direct

Gabby Rodriguez                                  John Middleton                       Tim Noce

Jake Myers                                          Morgan Adrian                       Cara Dunn

MSA Senator                                   Former DSA Director            MSA Senator