University of Missouri

52-39: An Act to Establish a Referendum on the Direct Election of At-Large Senators

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill #52-39


PURPOSE:  To establish a referendum to question whether or not at-large senators should be elected by the undergraduate students of the University of Missouri or by the MSA Senate.

WHEREAS, currently twenty seats out of a current sixty three seats have been filled by at-large elections; AND 

WHEREAS, in the current system, senators from at-large seats are elected by current members of the Senate; AND 

WHEREAS, under Article V of the Constitution fifty seats are reserved for senators elected from their academic colleges; AND

WHEREAS, currently less than 40% of MSA Senators have been elected directly by the students of the University of Missouri; AND

WHEREAS, this lack of a majority of representatives that have been directly elected by the student body does not allow for accurate representation of the student body; AND

WHEREAS, as a result of bylaw changes in the 51st session the Speaker has the right to fill vacant seats reserved to the academic colleges via the same process used to elect at-large senators; AND

WHEREAS, this further prevents every day students from choosing their representatives; AND

WHEREAS, this problem was recently highlighted in the February 23rd issue of The Maneater AND;

WHEREAS, a legislative body that elects most of its members is likely not to create a body with diverse opinions; AND

WHEREAS, students deserve a senate whose members reflect a wide range of views; AND

WHEREAS, the current make up of the Senate does not demonstrate a legislative body which is representative of the undergraduate study body; AND

WHEREAS, the forthcoming Senator demographic survey will also demonstrate this; AND

WHEREAS, as acting as good servant leaders, Senate would be showing its resolve to effectively represent the needs of students by putting the proposed amendment to a vote. 

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that a referendum be established for the upcoming 2013 Spring Senator elections.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED THAT the wording of said referendum shall be laid out in bill 52-40.


Respectfully submitted,

Matt Kalish, MSA Senator