University of Missouri

52-38: An Act to Grant the Missouri Student Association a Contingency and Reserve Request

Missouri Students Association

Bill #52-38


PURPOSE: To provide the required sum of money for the Missouri Students Association to provide the Special Events Committee with funds to fund the Mizzou vs. Kentucky watch party for Mizzou Spirit Week

WHEREAS, the Special Events Committee within DSA has a limited budget due to the plans they have laid out for other events.

WHEREAS, the partnerships between AASB, Zou Crew, Mizzou Spirit, and Tiger’s Lair are invaluable assets to the Association; AND

WHEREAS, hosting this event was part of the agreed upon terms between the leaders of each organization; AND

WHEREAS, the Special Events Committee is responsible for the planning and orchestration of watch parties; AND

WHEREAS, this event has the potential to set a great tradition due to it being the inaugural Mizzou Spirit Week; AND

WHEREAS, this week sets up a strong partnership between AASB and the other aforementioned groups for the present and future of the organizations; AND

WHEREAS, this will provide a safe and fun environment to enjoy the Mizzou vs. Kentucky basketball game; AND

WHEREAS, the Contingency and Reserve Account currently sits at approximately $24,675.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that $1,000.00 be transferred from the Contingency and Reserve Account to the Missouri Students Association account to afford the Department of Student Activities’ Special Events Committee the resources to host the Mizzou vs. Kentucky watch party during Mizzou Spirit Week.


Respectfully Submitted,

Nick Droege, MSA President 

Jacob Sloan, MSA Senate Speaker  

Ben Bolin, Operations Chairman