University of Missouri

52-35: An Act to Create an Ad-hoc Committee on Affordable Off Campus Housing

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

 Bill #52-35 


PURPOSE: To create a task force of student leaders to look into the building of luxury off campus housing and to research and fight for affordable living for students.

WHEREAS, one of the missions of any student government should be to look into the creation of affordable student housing;AND

WHEREAS, the committee will research housing cost trends over the past 5 years;AND

WHEREAS, the committee will challenge the costs of ‘luxury’ housing in the Columbia community for the students;AND

WHEREAS, the job of researching and fighting for cheaper off campus living for students is too big for one committee; AND

WHEREAS, the combination of Senate and Executive branch resources can better spread knowledge of and information regarding cheaper off campus living.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a Joint Ad-Hoc Committee on affordable off campus student housing will be formed between the Senate and the Executive; AND

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the MSA President, the MSA Senate Speaker and the CCRC Committee Chair, in cooperation, will select a chairman for this committee.


Respectfully Submitted,


Mason Schara, Executive Chief of Staff

Nick Droege, President

Zach Beattie, Vice President

Jake Sloan, Senate Speaker

Joey Greenstein, DSA Director

Sean Joy, DSS Director

Jimmy Hibsch, DSC Director

Sam Green, Legislative Advoacy Officer

Mahir Kahn, Secretary of Auxilaries

Ben Levin, MSA Senator

Gunnar Johanson, MSA Senator

Matt Kalish, Senate Clerk