University of Missouri

52-34: A Resolution Condemning the Student Conduct Committee [FAILED,12/5]

PDF of Bill 52-34

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 52-34


PURPOSE: To call for changes to the Student Conduct Committee and recommend changes to its jurisdiction.

WHEREAS, the Student Conduct Committee is composed of students and faculty; AND

WHEREAS, these committee members are trained by the same individual responsible for prosecuting students brought before the committee; AND

WHEREAS, this constitutes a clear conflict of interest on the part of the individual responsible for training the members of the committee and prosecuting the students; AND

WHEREAS, the members of the committee are responsible for reviewing evidence and assessing responsibility for actions which could be criminal under law; AND

WHEREAS, the personnel involved in the committee, whether professors, staff, or students, have no accredited training or displayed ability to perform an appropriate investigation; AND

WHEREAS, the members of the committee are expected to perform this investigation in a parttime capacity without compensation; AND

WHEREAS, the Student Conduct Committee as currently configured holds the power to expel students, cancel their scholarships and eligibility for financial aid; AND

WHEREAS, the Student Conduct Committee meets in closed session not open to the public and thus is not accountable for its quality of process; AND

WHEREAS, the Student Conduct Committee has in the past arrived at a wholly different conclusion than professionals at the Columbia Police Department; AND

WHEREAS, the Student Conduct Committee has demonstrated willingness to issue responsibility and assess punishment before the legal process has even decided whether to press charges; AND

WHEREAS, students brought before the Student Conduct Committee are not guaranteed legal representation while defending themselves against criminal accusations; AND

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri has no process by which a student, when found responsible of a crime by the committee and later not guilty of that same crime by a court of law, could be compensated for their expulsion or loss of financial aid; AND

WHEREAS, the proper role of the Student Conduct Committee should be to assess punishment for violations of academic integrity and crimes for which the student has been found guilty in a court of law.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the Missouri Students Association calls into question the broad power, amateur nature, and limited accountability of the Student Conduct Committee in its current form and urges the Chancellor’s Office and all appropriate parties to make all necessary changes to the committee.

BE IT ALSO RESOLVED that the Senate Speaker shall form a committee responsible that, working with the Office of Student Conduct and all appropriate parties, will address the questions raised in this legislation.

Respectfully submitted,

Ben Levin, Academic Affairs Chairman

Connor Hickox, Student Affairs Chairman

Mason Schara, CCRC Chairman

JoMarie Infranca, MCI Chairman

McKenzie Morris, Budget Chairman

Zach Beattie, MSA Senator

Sandy Patel, MSA Senator

Matt Kalish, Senate Clerk