University of Missouri

52-31: A Resolution Supporting MU Teachers Participating In Massive Online Open Courses

PDF of Bill 52-31

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 52-31


Purpose: To encourage and support MU teachers voluntary participation in Massive Open Online Courses.

WHEREAS, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) are designed to offer online courses, with large scale participation, and open access; AND

WHEREAS, MOOC are aimed at “offering higher education that overcomes boundaries of geography, time, and money”; AND

WHEREAS, MOOC do not award college credit for completion of courses; AND

WHEREAS, MOOC do not affect the value of degrees offered by institutions of higher learnings; AND

WHEREAS, anyone can sign up for a MOOC; AND

WHEREAS, there are established and reputable MOOC offerings by COURSERA, EdX and Udacity; AND

WHEREAS, as a land grant flagship university we should provide access to education to our global neighbors; AND

WHEREAS, by participating in MOOC teachers gain experience in alternative teaching; AND

WHEREAS, MOOC are no different than the school helping faculty develop online teaching techniques and skills; AND

WHEREAS, anything that faculty gets involved in on behalf of the University, the school is obligated to provide sources of support; AND

WHEREAS, the University of Missouri will be listed as a contributing partner to MOOC with schools along the lines of Harvard, Emory University, Duke, Princeton, Stanford, University of Virginia, and many more; AND

WHEREAS, the participation of MU teachersin MOOC will not affect the cost of attending the University of Missouri; AND

WHEREAS, this is a great opportunity for the global academic world to become further acquainted with the quality of the University of Missouri’s teachers and professors.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT ASSOCIATION that the Missouri Student Association supports the voluntary participation in Massive Open Online Courses by MU teachers and professors on behalf of the University of Missouri.

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENT ASSOCIATION that upon passage, a copy of this resolution be sent to the Faculty Council, Vice Provost, Vice Provost of Undergraduate Studies, Vice Provost of Graduate Studies and Department Chairs.

Respectfully Submitted,

Taylor Major, MSA Senator

Mitchell Moonier, MSA Senator

Ben Bolin, Operations Chair

Zac Sweets, Outreach Chairman