University of Missouri

52-19: A Resolution to Support the Creation of an Annual One Mizzou Week Celebration

PDF of Bill 52-19

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 52-19


WHEREAS, the One Mizzou movement is a student run initiative built around a desire to create a more inclusive campus community; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou advocates education, programming and the exchange of dialogue facilitated by our student organizations and campus resources; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou will challenge students, faculty and staff to recognize and incorporate diverse voices and perspectives in every aspect of campus life; AND

WHEREAS, it is the desire of the Missouri Students Association to ensure the sustainability of the One Mizzou movement; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou Week will promote the mission of One Mizzou; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou Week will encourage co-programming between many campus departments and organizations; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou Week will take place from November 11-16, 2012; AND

WHEREAS, this year’s One Mizzou Week will include a speaker, concert, film, and a Third Thursday event; AND

WHEREAS, One Mizzou Week has already gained the support of the Department of Student Life, Student Affairs, Administrative Services, Mizzou Athletics, Undergraduate Studies, Graduate Studies, Chancellor’s Diversity Initiative, and the Office of the Chancellor.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that the association work to establishing an annual One Mizzou Week celebration.

Respectfully Submitted,

Xavier Billingsley, MSA President

Helena Kooi, MSA Vice President

Morgan Adrian, Director of Student Activities

Lauren Damico, Secretary of Auxiliaries

Steven Dickherber, Chief of Staff

Zach Toombs, Director of Student Communications

Nick Droege, Director of Student Services

Connor Hickox, Student Affairs Chairman

JoMarie Infranca, MCI Chairwoman

Mason Schara, CCRC Chairman