University of Missouri

51-42: An Act to Define the Department of Student Activities Positions

PDF of Bill 51-42

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill #51-42


PURPOSE: To define the bylaws descriptions of DSA personnel.

WHEREAS, The bylaws don’t say much on the Department of Student Activities positions.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED that MSA Senate change bylaw section 1.64 to read as follows:


(A) AUTHORIZATION-It shall be the duty of the Department of Student Activities to provide and administer programs for the social, recreational, cultural, and educational life of the members of the Association

(B) ADDITIONAL DUTIES, RESPONSIBILITIES AND POWERS-It shall be the duty and responsibility of the Director of DSA to provide activities programming described in 1.64(C).


(1) ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: HUMAN RESOURCES AND DEVELOPMENT -It is the duty of this position to maintain the following; Time sheets for the organization, job training for all DSA members, payroll applications and paperwork, hiring and firing others within the organization, creating program to promote efficiency, and other duties as an assistant to the director.

(2) ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: MARKETING – This position is responsible for marketing on behalf of the organization. Including traditional media, social media, and other platforms. This position is to maintain contact with advertising outlets on campus, including KCOU, MUTV, and the Student Unions.

(3) COMMITTEE CHAIRPERSON – Responsibilities of these person(s) are to maintain the budget for their committee, planning and organizing events specifically designed from their committees theme, creating a structure within their committee, and serving on the executive board for DSA.


(1) MSA/GPC BOX OFFICE – It shall be the duty of the MSA/GPC Box Office to provide ticket services for concerts, activities, and events sponsored by the Department of Student Activities, the University, and other sponsors in the Columbia area to the student body at the discretion of the Coordinator. The MSA/GPC Box Office shall be a staff supervised auxiliary.


(1) SPEAKERS – The Speakers Committee brings educational, enriching, and interesting speakers to campus in attempt to attract a variety of students. Speakers that the committee brings include actors, journalists, celebrities, cultural icons and more. Each guest lecturer is chosen based on their appeal to students, relevance to contemporary issues and embodiment of the University of Missouri’s ideals of Respect, Responsibility, Discovery and Excellence. These shows are of (often) little to no cost to students.

(2) BLACK PROGRAMMING – The Black Programming Committee produces shows and activities that appeal to the cultural and popular interests of the African American student population, and for the cultural enrichment of the student population as a whole. The BPC has brought several events that occur on the third Thursday of each month. It also has an annual Homecoming Show that in the past has feature comedians and spoken word poets. The committee also works with other groups on campus such as Legion of Black Collegiates, the Gaines Oldham Black Culture Center and Four Front to plan events to promote diversity and African American issues.

(3) SPECIAL EVENTS – The Special Events Committee is responsible for programming comedians, novelty events around campus, and student competitions. The committee plans Happy Hour at the Alpine Tower each semester giving students a free opportunity to climb the Alpine Tower near the Green Tennis Center and Epple Field.

(4) COLLEGE MUSIC – The College Music Committee is responsible for bringing concerts to campus and planning other such music related activities. Concerts are placed in Jesse Auditorium, Peace Park, Lowry Mall, the Blue Note, the Hearnes Center or any other venue necessary for the show to be successful. The committee has also worked with the Residence Hall Association to plan a student vocal competition, Mizzou Idol. CMC brings both national and regional music to the MU campus from all genres. Every program that CMC facilitates is created in an attempt to reach the broad range of musical tastes that MU students have.

(5) INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMMING – The International Programming Committee produces shows and activitiesthat appeal to the international student population, and for the cultural enrichment of the student population as a whole. IPC’s main focus is to promote interaction between International and American students on campus through various programs that are both educational and entertaining. IPC works with the Missouri International Student Council to do semiannual International Welcome Parties for incoming International students that also show off several international student organizations to the broader campus population.

(6) FILMS – The Films Committee is in charge of planning an annual film series that features Hollywood movies, independent films, documentaries and foreign films. Wednesday films are free and typically start at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday films are $1 and usually have two showtimes, 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Most films are shown at Jesse Wrench Auditorium inside Memorial Union except for a couple during Fall Welcome that are on an inflatable screen on Lowry Mall. On rare occasions Jesse Hall may also be used to show films. The committee meets prior to each semester’s start to plan out the next semester’s entire film roster and then also works with production companies and local theaters to have prescreens of select newly released films.

Respectfully, Submitted

Benjamin J. Bolin, MSA Senator

Thomas L. Bourneuf, BEC Chair

Malcolm Hayden, MSA Senator

Logan Borgsmiller, Operations Chair

Connor Hickox, MSA Senator