University of Missouri

49-84: An Act to Establish Coalition Articles with the Missouri Student Veterans Association

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-84

An Act to Establish Coalition Articles with the Missouri Student Veterans Association

PURPOSE: To establish Coalition Articles with the Missouri Student Veterans Association   (MSVA).

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association is charged with representing the entirety of the undergraduate population at the University of Missouri, and,

WHEREAS, MSA has found it useful to establish formal ties with other student groups on campus in order to better function as a representative body, and,

WHEREAS, on August 22, 2007, MU Chancellor Brady Deaton announced the creation of the Veteran-Friendly Task Force, which is charged with developing ways to make the university a veteran-friendly establishment, and,

WHEREAS, the Missouri Student Veterans Association works to “provide aid to the veteran students of the University of Missouri, by raising awareness and providing social services to both veteran students and the community,” and,

WHEREAS, the Missouri Students Association and the Missouri Student Veterans Association have already started to cooperate together on two issues, military transfer credit and a review of the Missouri State Legislature’s Bill 830 or Missouri Returning Heroes’ Education Act, and,

WHEREAS, the Department of Student Activities has assisted the MSVA during their Veterans Week festivities for the last two years, and,

WHEREAS, working on veterans issues is an ongoing process that MSVA and MSA are both interested in, and,

WHEREAS, formal Coalition Articles between MSVA and MSA will protect continued collaboration between the two organizations long after the present administrations have left.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION thatthe following Coalition Articles be entered into MSA’s bylaws and the appropriate section of MSVA’s governing articles upon passage by both organizations.


A) PURPOSE: The purpose of this Coalition is to provide a structure for the joint lobbying of groups on behalf of Veterans issues affecting the University of Missouri and its students and to provide for increased communication between the Missouri Students Association and the Missouri Student Veterans Association. These actions shall be conducted by working with each other to represent issues to the public and administration of the University of Missouri as well as members of the Missouri State Legislature and other relevant parties as needed.

B) COMMUNICATION: To ensure communication between MSA and MSVA, the Senate Speaker of MSA shall appoint a member of MSA to liaison with the MSVA President by the second full senate meeting of the year. The MSA appointee shall meet at least once a month during the school year with the MSVA President in order to keep both organizations up to date and to discuss any pending issues of joint interest.

C) RATIFICATION AND REVIEW PROCESS—Upon passage in both the MSA Senate and the Missouri Student Veterans Association, these Coalition Articles shall be adopted immediately. The Articles shall be reviewed every two years by two committees in the MSA Senate and by a method determined by the MSVA.

D) WITHDRAWAL PROCEDURE—Either MSA or MSVA may withdraw from these Articles at any time by a two-thirds majority vote by their respective legislative bodies.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ian F. Krause, Academic Affairs Chairman

Amanda Shelton, Former Senate Speaker

Tim Noce, MSA President

Danielle Bellis, MSA Vice President

Garrett Bergquist, Ops Committee Secretary

Annie Hall, Academic Affairs Secretary

Jacob Sloan, Budget Committee

Justin Mohn, Operations Chairman