University of Missouri

49-78: An Act Calling For A Convention To Consider The Constitution Of The Missouri Students Association

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-78

An Act Calling For A Convention To Consider The Constitution Of The Missouri Students Association

PURPOSE: To call for the creation of a MSA Constitutional Convention charged with the specific review of provided constitutional provisions and recommending amendments to be submitted to a vote of the members of the Association in the Fall 2010 General Election.

SHORT TITLE: This act may be cited as the “MSA Constitutional Convention Act of 2010.”

WHEREAS, every Undergraduate student is a Member and constituent of the Missouri Students Association; AND

WHEREAS, Members deserve a Student Senate that derives its legitimacy from an adequate system of representation that allows for the true representation of student viewpoints; AND

WHEREAS, that adequate system of representation which is necessary for such a legitimate body does not currently exist; AND

WHEREAS, this fact is proven by the status quo in which it is equally difficult for Senators to identify and contact their constituents as it is for constituents to contact their Senators; AND

WHEREAS, a government of the people must be crafted by the people, as—in the words of John Locke’s Social Contract Theory and the basis of American political thought—a truly legitimate government must carry the consent of those governed.


BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the charge of the convention shall be to review and recommend amendments to Article V of the Missouri Students Association Constitution for the approval or rejection of the Members of the Association in the Fall 2010 General Election.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the dates and structure of the Convention are as follows:

Meeting Dates: April 21st – First Session; May 1st-2nd – Continued Meetings

All Meetings will be open to the public; Attendees will have the opportunity to speak before the Convention

The following Organizations shall be requested to send Delegations to the Convention (Each delegation will receive one vote):

  • Organization Resource Group (ORG)
  • Residence Halls Association
  • Legion of Black Collegians
  • Missouri Students Association
  • Four Front
  • College of Arts and Science Student Council
  • College of Business Student Council
  • College of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Student Council
  • College of Engineering Student Council
  • College of Education Student Council
  • School of Health Professions Student Council
  • College of Human Environmental Sciences Student Council
  • School of Journalism Student Council
  • Multicultural Greek Council
  • Interfraternity Council
  • Panhellenic Association
  • National Pan-Hellenic Council

The Chairman of the Convention shall be elected from the Delegates present and representing the aforementioned Organizations and by a plurality vote of the Convention. The Chairman shall not have any voting privileges and shall serve to ensure the fairness and decorum of the Convention.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that MSA resources be committed for all necessary expenses of the Convention, including but not limited to: printing and copying.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that this bill shall take effect and the Convention shall be officially called upon the signing of this bill by the President of the Missouri Students Association and the communication of such action to the Speaker of the Missouri Student Association Senate.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the President of the Missouri Students Association, or his designee(s), shall be responsible for organizing the Convention and its Delegations in the manner and at the times herein provided.

Respectfully Submitted,

Josh Travis, Fmr. Operations Chairman, Ad Hoc Cmte of Campus Safety

Evan Wood, Speaker of the Senate