University of Missouri

49-75: A Resolution In Favor of Improving the MU Campus Parking Process

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-75

A Resolution In Favor of Improving the MU Campus Parking Process

PURPOSE: To address the growing concerns surrounding campus parking that have arisen both within RHA and MSA and to alleviate many issues facing parking on campus by making the parking process more transparent, autonomous, and fair.

WHEREAS, currently students are assigned a spot and lack the ability to choose specifically where they want to park,

WHEREAS, spots in commuter lots and spots in garages are priced closely to one another and the added convenience in getting to park in a garage is not adequately portrayed in its small increase in price,

WHEREAS, the current parking assignment system is difficult for students to understand,

THEREFORE, students should be able to choose where they park through the implementation of the system depicted in MU Parking Proposal 2010,

FURTHERMORE, spots in commuter lots should be cheaper than the spots in garages due to the added convenience. If students were able to choose where they park and the prices were more greatly differentiated, students could take into account their personal financial situation and usage of their vehicle and choose a parking spot accordingly,

FURTHERMORE, the parking application process should be done through myZou, where students have the ability to log on, and based on their seniority and residential status (which is already stored in myZou), they will have the ability to choose from a list (accompanied by a map and prices) of parking lots and garages.

FURTHERMORE, by passing this resolution, MSA agrees with and supports MU Parking Proposal 2010 as written by RHA President Rachael Feuerborn and MSA President Tim Noce.

Respectfully Submitted,

Campus and Community Relations Committee