University of Missouri

49-70: A Resolution Recommending an Inflationary Increase for Student Recreation Activity Fee

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-79

A Resolution Recommending an Inflationary Increase for Student Recreation Activity Fee

Whereas, MizzouRec Services & Facilities strives to achieve maximum participation among all fee-paying University of Missouri students and to ensure a positive and productive leisure experience, thereby contributing to the good health, happiness, and academic and post-graduate success of its users, and

Whereas, MizzouRec attempts to create the best recreation programs, services, and facilities in the world, and

Whereas, the University of Missouri recreation complex is recognized as a model of excellence, credited as the first fully branded and themed campus recreation facility in higher education, and

Whereas, student fee income amounts to $7,185,251 and funds 78.44% of the recreation services budget, and

Whereas, the fee is used to help finance the expenses resulting from student recreation programs, services, and facilities at the University of Missouri, as well as to retire the debt from the establishment of the complex in 2005, and

Whereas, MizzouRec is now responsible for funding all support services previously supported by this University including maintenance and repair, trash, snow removal, landscaping, and institutional support, totaling more than $800,000 annually, and

Whereas, MizzouRec has also incurred increased expenses due to the increase in minimum wage in Missouri, and

Whereas, MizzouRec has implemented cost saving measures by not increasing salaried employees pay for the last two years, trimming student wages with a fifteen minute increment system relating to operating hours, changing staffing patterns, implementing strategic closures, and general reductions, and also having staff members assist in custodial operations such as landscaping,  and

Whereas, MizzouRec did not receive an inflationary increase in FY 10, and for the three previous fiscal years received an inflationary increase that was less than the increase of the Consumer Price Index, and

Therefore, be it resolved that the Student Fee Review Committee recommends that the Student Recreation Activity Fee receive an inflationary increase of not less than 0% and not higher than the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index as defined by the Missouri Higher Education Student Funding Act of 2007.

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee

Sarah E. Symonds, GPC President

Tim Noce, MSA President

Leona Rubin, Faculty Council

Marijo Dixon, Staff Advisory Council