University of Missouri

49-7: An Act to Expand Opportunities for Student Involvement in MSA Senate

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-7

An Act to Expand Opportunities for Student Involvement in MSA Senate

WHEREAS, MSA bylaws under 2.10 currently allow for up to thirty at-large senator positions, including ten seats only available if academic college positions are unfilled after the spring election, and

WHEREAS, while this policy has and will most likely work in many years in the future, there will be times when more than thirty motivated students are interested in joining MSA during any academic year prior to the spring election, and

WHEREAS, more than thirty people have already expressed interest in running for a 2009-2010 position as of September 9th, 2009, including additional individuals since the first full meeting when all at-large seats were filled, and

WHEREAS, the current policy limits involvement, especially on the part of freshmen, who were unable to run in the spring, and

WHEREAS, the current policy limits the expansive and successful recruitment efforts undertaken by multiple committees, the Senate Speaker, and various individuals, and

WHEREAS, encouraging diverse student involvement in campus government is of the utmost value to our body.

THEREFORE, BE IT ENACTED by the Missouri Students Association Senate that the bylaws are amended as follows:


(A) The Senate will be composed of 71 undergraduate students.

(B) ACADEMIC COLLEGE SENATORS – As stated in the MSA Constitution, 50 seats will be reserved proportionally by the percent of total enrollment of each Undergraduate Degree Program.  The total undergraduate enrollment as defined by the University of Missouri – Columbia will be determined on the 21st day of the winter semester by the Board of Elections Commissioners.

(2) If any seats are not filled at time of election, up to 20 will be designated At-Large. The rest will remain empty until the next session elections.

(C) SENATORS AT-LARGE – 20 seats will be open to an At-Large election, unless any seats are not filled by Senators representing their academic colleges, in which case the total at-large seats will be up to 40.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amanda Shelton, Senate Speaker

Erica Zucco, Academic Affairs Chair

Garrett Bergquist, Operations Secretary