University of Missouri

49-68 A Resolution in Support of Enrollment Priority for Honors College Students (FAILED)

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-68

A Resolution in Support of Enrollment Priority for Honors College Students

WHEREAS, the Honors College represents some of the highest achieving students at the University of Missouri, and,

WHEREAS, high achieving students enrich the academic culture of the campus, and,

WHEREAS, academically driven students represent the University in the community and world at large, and,

WHEREAS, the Honors College is comprised of a diverse demographic of students spanning many student groups who are driven to excel academically, and,

WHEREAS, seeks to entice academically driven students to excel at Mizzou through means of reasonable incentives, and,

WHEREAS, the Honors College is seeking incentives to entice academically driven students to enroll in the University of Missouri Honors College by offering cost-neutral enticements, and,

WHEREAS, the Honors College Ambassadors have put forth a proposal that would offer Honors College Students the opportunity to enroll earlier in their respective classes, and,

WHEREAS, this idea has been acted upon at several schools, including, UC Santa Barbra, Florida, and Illinois, and,

WHEREAS, this proposal will not only influence perspective Honors College eligible freshmen students, but will promote the academic achievement of the University by means of encouraging academic success among incoming transfer students and students already at Mizzou, and,

WHEREAS, MSA has the responsibility to its students to promote higher education,and,  

WHEREAS, this proposal has the ability to increase the academic stature of the University of Missouri across the University system.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOVLED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION that, MSA supports the Honor’s College proposal for priority enrollment to Honors College students.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ian F. Krause, Chairman AA

Wm. Macy Pruitt, Vice-Chair AA

Dan Cook, AA Committee

Everett Bruer, AA Committee

Annie Hall, AA Secretary