University of Missouri

49-60: A Resolution to Give Memorial Student Unions an Inflationary Increase

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill #49-60

A Resolution to Give Memorial Student Unions an Inflationary Increase

Whereas, Memorial Student Unions serves as the community center of the University of Missouri campus, celebrating the University’s proud history and traditions. The facilities and programs serve to enhance the Mizzou student experience by creating opportunities for learning through discussion, programming, and employment. Memorial Student Unions also supports intellectual, cultural and social diversity, and

Whereas, the student fee is used to provide spaces, services and conveniences that students need in their daily lives and creates an environment for getting to know and understand others through formal and informal associations. The student fee is also used to provide overhead upkeep, administration costs and upkeep of both Memorial Student Union and the upkeep of the MU Student Center, and

Whereas, without student fees, students would not have these facilities on campus. The student fees goes towards two of the most heavily used student spaces on the University’s campus by averaging 10,000 students per day, and

Whereas, the Unions seek funds elsewhere while operating in a deficit subsidized by tenants and is therefore, seeking an inflationary increase to stay on top of the increase in utility costs, increasing minimum wage and provide the level of service expected by the University’s student body, and

Whereas, the inflationary increase helps prevent future requests for additional fees or for charging for meeting spaces and other services as well as preventing the cut back on services, hours of operation and the charge of the use of the building, and

Whereas, Memorial Student Unions consistently monitor their budgets to ensure that they are being the best stewards of student and campus resources,

Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends that Memorial Student Unions shall receive an increase not below 0% but no higher than the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index as defined by the Missouri Higher Education Student Funding Act of 2007.

Respectfully submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee