University of Missouri

49-6: An Act to Create a Temporary Paid Position for an MSA Senate Legislative Director

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri

Bill 49-6

An Act to Create a Temporary Paid Position for an MSA Senate Legislative Director

WHEREAS, the growing scope and commitment of MSA Senate to address both University  and political issues of campus-wide, local, state, and even national importance necessitates adequate staffing to address those issues appropriately, and

WHEREAS, working in the capacity as Senate Speaker, Committee Chair or any other leadership of the Senate Cabinet should not impede outside academic, extracurricular, or career goals, and

WHEREAS, the Office of the Senate Speaker is held by a student whose paid hours are limited to sixteen per week, and

WHEREAS, that Office has previously been held by individuals of greatly varying outside availability to work additional hours, whether unpaid or not, and

WHEREAS, the leadership of the Missouri State House and Senate both employ several times more aides to assist in specialized tasks addressed by that leadership, and

WHEREAS, this position will not be required to be filled by every Senate Speaker, but rather at their discretion at any point during their term when assistance would be deemed beneficial, and

WHEREAS, passing this legislation would provide only a trial period for this position and would need to be renewed upon the inauguration of a new Senate Speaker in March, and

WHEREAS, an extra individual could provide concrete benefits to the leadership of the Senate and the Association as a whole, including:

1) Developing the Senate Speaker’s legislative agenda with the Speaker and           implementing its provisions

2) Attending meetings in the Senate Speaker’s stead when (s)he is unavailable and            requires notes of the meeting or wishes to present information on an issue or the Senate        itself

3) Conducting and coordinating research pursuant to the Senate Cabinet’s legislative         endeavors

4) Being exceptionally well-versed in the bylaws of the Association and the Rules of the   Senate and serving as a second point of contact for matters involving those bylaws       and rules

5) Coordinating communication and expectations between the Senate and BEC to             alleviate technical problems and to facilitate the Senate Cabinet’s efforts at recruitment in      the spring semester

6) Providing an additional communication point with other entities within and outside      MSA to improve communication and mutual expectations


2.50 OFFICERS OF THE SENATE-The Officers of the Senate shall be the Speaker, the Committee Chairs, the Legislative Director, the Clerks, the Parliamentarian and the Sergeant-At-Arms.  Officers of the Senate cannot simultaneously hold more than one officer position within Senate except to temporarily fill an absence or a vacancy, except in the case of the speaker who may not temporarily fill an absence or vacancy of any chair position, or any other senate officer position at any time while they are also the speaker of MSA Senate.

  • F) If the newly inaugurated Speaker desires, (s)he may appoint an individual to be Legislative Director. If the Speaker does appoint an individual to the position, (s)he must then be approved by the Operations Committee and voted on by the full Senate. The term of office shall last from the day of full Senate confirmation to the inauguration of a new speaker of the senate or until such time as the individual’s services are no longer required by the Senate Cabinet. The legislative director shall assist the Speaker in administering the day-to-day business of the Senate, as well as helping the Speaker to develop and implement the session’s legislative agenda and to administer and maintain the Senate budget, with the assistance of the clerks. The Legislative Director shall be responsible for facilitating communication, along with the Speaker, between the BEC and the Senate, as well as between other entities within MSA and the Senate and may perform additional duties as assigned by the speaker pursuant to the six goals delineated in Bill #49-3.(S)he may be removed from office at any point after appointment by a 2/3 vote in the Senate Cabinet.

1) This is a one-time position to be filled in the 2009-2010 school year under the    current Senate Speaker. To make the position permanent or extend it by any           length of time after the inauguration of a new Senate Speaker, the body shall have       to pass subsequent legislation in that regard.


(A) COMPENSATION ALLOWANCES-The officers of MSA shall be compensated as follows:

  • The Senate Legislative Director: $43.50 per week that the senate is in session ($7.25/hr x 6 hrs/week)

THEREFORE, BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that $957 is allocated from Contingency and Reserve to fulfill this payment obligation through March 10th, when the position will automatically expire.

Respectfully Submitted,

Amanda Shelton,   MSA Senate Speaker

Ian Krause, Academic Affairs Vice Chair