University of Missouri

49-57: A Resolution Supporting a Fee Increase for the University of Missouri Club Sports

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill #49-57

A Resolution Supporting a Fee Increase for the University of Missouri Club Sports

Whereas, the University of Missouri (MU) Club Sports fee is used to fund over 50 individual clubs and serves over 1000 students on the MU campus ensuring that the students participating in club sports such as the nationally ranked Men’s Soccer team and Racquetball team, Archery, Rugby, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Ultimate, and Water Polo have an affordable and safe experience, and

Whereas, Club Sports helps to create positive leadership and leisure opportunities, and foster social connections between students which are essential to college student health and happiness through opportunities to learn a new sport, make friends, stay fit, and compete against other university clubs or teams, and

Whereas, a number of competitive club sports at Mizzou require additional travel expenses for longer distances to remain competitive at a national level, and

Whereas, the number of active student sport clubs has steadily increased from year to year, with more sports clubs being added each year and more students being added to current clubs, and

Whereas, the cost for insuring an increasing number of student participants as well as higher risk clubs being included is rising due to inflation, and

Whereas, to ensure fiscal responsibility among current clubs, members are expected to raise funds for their expenses, which are in turn matched by Club Sport funds, and

Whereas, Club Sports is currently stretched to its fiscal and supervisory limit with a need to increase the number of student workers to accommodate the increase in clubs sports and sports participants, and with the increase in minimum wage to employ said student workers, and

Whereas, Club Sports has proven fiscal responsibility with sufficient oversight of Mizzou club sports budgets being supervised by the addition of a Business Management position, and

Whereas, Club Sports seeks an inflationary increase to maintain the current student sport clubs, and the expenses associated with these clubs, that have been approved  or are in operation, and

Therefore, the Student Fee Review Committee recommends that Club Sports receives an inflationary increase not below 0% but no higher than the percentage change in the Consumer Price Index as defined by the Missouri Higher Education Student Funding Act of 2007.

Respectfully submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee