University of Missouri

49-53: A Resolution to Recommend the Student Fee for ORG

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

 Bill: 49-53

A Resolution to Recommend the Student Fee for ORG

Whereas, the Organization Resource Group, hereafter referred to as ORG, assists University of Missouri student organizations by means of direct funding, which is used to cover travel expenses, purchase supplies, and pay for guest speakers sponsored by the student organizations, and

Whereas, ORG provides services to over 600 student organizations and,

Whereas, ORG is requesting an inflationary increase because costs are increasing, causing them to need more money to sustain their current level of assistance to student organizations, and

Whereas, no one is allowed their inflationary increase due to the tuition freeze put in place by Governor Jay Nixon, and

Whereas, many students and organizations have brought complaints about the way ORG allocates their funding, and

Whereas, ORG has operated with a large carryover for the last several fiscal years, $108,304.66 (22% of fee revenue) in the last fiscal year, and

Whereas, it is SFRC’s responsibility to make sure these fees are being spent responsibly,

Therefore, The Student Fee Review Committee recommends that ORG continue to receive its current student fee of $9.68, and

Therefore, let it be resolved that members of the SFRC committee launch an investigation into the handling and allocation of student fees to reduce carryover and better satisfy the students and organizations of which ORG is comprised.

Respectfully Submitted,
The Student Fee Review Committee