University of Missouri

49-51: A Resolution to Return ASUM to Fiscal Year 2009 Funding Levels

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill #49-51

A Resolution to Return ASUM to Fiscal Year 2009 Funding Levels

WHEREAS, The Associated Students of the University of Missouri advocate for the legislative interests of the 64,000 students of the MU-System; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM has focused on promoting political responsibility through voter registration, dissemination of non-partisan political information, and facilitating communication with legislative officials in order to support positive change; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM is mandated by MSA to promote political responsibility among MU Students, as well as support and advance the non-partisan legislative concerns; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM serves all undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Missouri; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM registered over 3,000 students to vote between June-October 2008; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM is working to create a student vote on the Board of Curators; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM took a voluntary fee decrease in FY2010, but was promised per MSA Resolution 48-58 a return to the fee level of $1.00 for FY2011.; AND

WHEREAS, neither the Student Fee Review Committee nor MSA can make promises to raise Student Fees in the following fiscal year; AND

WHEREAS, ASUM was granted a student fee at one dollar per student per semester by a student referendum; AND

WHEREAS, it would be contradictory for the Student Fee Review Committee to violate the student referendum by not making a recommendation granting ASUM an increase in student fees back to the established amount.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that ASUM be returned to the established fee, per the student referendum, of one dollar per student per semester.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED BY THE MSA SENATE that MSA, GPC, the MU faculty, and the Board of Curators take special care when making their recommendation/decision to remember that the proposed change for next fiscal year is not an increase but rather an agreed-upon return to normal funding levels that has been codified in both legislative agreements and financial planning for the organization

Respectfully Submitted,

The Student Fee Review Committee