University of Missouri

49-48: A Resolution in Support of Campus Dining Establishing a Camera System in the Dining Halls

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri-Columbia

Bill #49-48

A Resolution in Support of Campus Dining Establishing a Camera System in the Dining Halls

WHEREAS, Campus Dining Services at the University of Missouri provides six locations for students to dine, and

WHEREAS, the dining halls on the campus cater to the following number of students per week:

Baja Grill                      5,161
Eva J’s                         15,252
Plaza 900                     17,122
Plaza 900 Emporium     8,305
Pavilion at Dobbs        16,758
Mark Twain Market      5,960, and

WHEREAS, whenever over a hundred students gather in a given dining hall for a meal the service and quality of the experience is affected negatively by congestion, and

WHEREAS, each dining hall on campus is already equipped with a security camera system that, with a minor adjustment in their programming, could be used to survey the quantity of students present at each dining hall, and

WHEREAS, Campus Dining Services has agreed to fund the implementation and the maintenance of the camera system, and

WHEREAS, the camera system has a potential to increase student satisfaction, convenience, and time efficiency within the dining halls on the campus of the University of Missouri without increasing student costs.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Missouri Students Association, in conjunction with the University of Missouri Residence Halls Association, supports Campus Dining Services’ efforts to establish a camera system in its dining hall locations.

Respectfully Submitted,

Claire Kates, Student Affairs Secretary

Ian Krausse, Academic Affairs Chair

Seth Jarboe, Student Affairs

Michelle Horan, Student Affairs Chair

Sean Nahlik, Student Affairs

Amanda Shelton, MSA Senate Speaker