University of Missouri

49-44: A Bill to Establish the Six Columns Caucus

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill 49-44


PURPOSE: To establish a caucus that is formally recognized by the MSA Senate

WHEREAS, The following Senators have signed on as would-be members of the caucus should this bill pass, and

WHEREAS, in accordance with the MSA bylaws the signatures of five Senators render a caucus eligible for recognition, and

WHEREAS, one purpose of this caucus would be to lobby for senate support on a variety of issues including Tiger Watch, however the main purpose would be to rally Senators and empower them, developing leadership skills and working together on common interest projects for efficient and effective achievement of certain goals in a manner independent from committee membership to unify the members on the common ground of student leadership, wherein all members will have an opportunity to learn and grow in their capacity as such, and

WHEREAS, the 5 main ideals of the caucus are as follows

  1. The Practice of Moderation
    1. All members shall aspire to moderation, and keep moderation in mind when dealing with tough issues, for the only truly rational mind is the moderate one
  2. Rationalism
    1. All members shall aspire to taking rational, pragmatic approaches to more difficult issues, letting facts speak for themselves, arriving at conclusions through evidence and not assumptions
  3. Individualism
    1. All members will be regarded as individuals who choose to be members, and respected as such. Members will be encouraged to speak their minds in both caucus and senate meetings, offering new perspective in any matter they can, thinking for themselves to help guide both the body of the caucus and the chamber of the Senate
  4. Leadership
    1. Aside from speaking their perspectives, members will be encouraged to show leadership by taking initiative on their own projects, aided and empowered by those with more experience or knowledge on a certain subject when needed, and furthermore by offering the same aid and counsel when they are able
  5. Unfailing Resolve
    1. All members of the caucus shall be expected to be firmly resolved in accomplishing their goals, which will in turn benefit themselves and their constituents. Resolve shall be held in the face of any adversity (so long as it is in accordance with the other principles). Should one course of action fail it must then be replaced by another, lest the goal be abandoned altogether
  6. Civil Service
    1. Last and perhaps most importantly, all members shall remember whom they are enlisted to serve in their terms within the Senate. Serving any and all students of the University of Missouri campus, constantly aspiring to make the Mizzou experience better for all students, present and future. Members must commit their hearts and minds to this campus, serving it with their best judgment and ability in all cases

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that The Six Columns Caucus is hereby formally recognized as a caucus within the Senate, and will act in accordance with all clauses under section 2.82 of the association bylaws such as they are.

Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood, Operations Chair

Blake Lawrence, Operations Vice-Chair

Doug Cowing, JLP Sub-Committee Chair

John Cleair, Student Affairs

John Henry, Operations Committee

Michelle Horan, Student Affairs Chair

Amanda Shelton, MSA Senate Speaker

Seth Jarboe, Student Affairs Committee