University of Missouri

49-36: A Resolution To Ensure Safety For Students

Missouri Students Association

University of Missouri – Columbia

Bill 49-36


PURPOSE: To encourage the city of Columbia to establish a crosswalk on College Avenue between Rollins Street and University Avenue

WHEREAS: Since 2006 six individual traffic accidents have occurred on College Avenue between University Avenue and Rollins Street all of which resulted in personal injury, and

WHEREAS: In general this section of College Avenue is littered with pedestrians creating a chaotic, unstable environment for drivers and pedestrians, and

WHEREAS: As a result of the aforementioned, research has been done on possibly building a footbridge in this area to ensure safe foot traffic, and

WHEREAS: Columbia mayor Darwin Hindman, did not think this solution would be a practical one for the following reasons:

  • It would require students to backtrack in order to get onto the bridge from the university side, which would cause use of the bridge to be limited
  • The bridge would be very expensive to build
  • There isn’t an ideal location in this stretch for such a bridge, and

WHEREAS: Instead of building a bridge, mayor Hindman suggested putting a crosswalk similar to the one near Lafferre Hall on Sixth Street, which employs the use of small pylons in the middle of the street that signify a crosswalk, and

WHEREAS: Such a crosswalk would create a much safer, centralized place for students to cross College Avenue, which would not only decrease the number of pedestrian accidents in this area, but in addition in order to avoid hitting pedestrians and the pylons, traffic would have to travel slower in this area, which could conceivably lead to less automobile accidents in general.

THEREFORE BE IT ENACTED BY THE MISSOURI STUDENTS ASSOCIATION SENATE that: A crosswalk that uses pylons in the road similar to the one on Sixth Street outside of Lafferre Hall be implemented on College Avenue between Rollins Street and University Avenue as soon as practically possible.

Respectfully Submitted,

Evan Wood, Operations Chairman

Tim Noce, MSA President

Amanda Shelton, MSA Senate Speaker